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Has anybody tried putting active humbucker pickups into a variax standard


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I'm just wondering how difficult this would be to do, and if there is even room inside the guitar to route for humbucker pickups. Do active pickups take more room? Correct me if I'm wrong here, but active pickups require their own set up batteries.


My reason for wanting to put active humbucker pickups in the guitar is that it's the one sound that the guitar itself can't model well. I figure if I could get an active pickup sound out of the Variax , plus all the modeled guitars, it would be ultra versatile.

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Ummm.... Check out this thread -- talking about the same thing on a 69 ---


Actives in a Variax not generally a good idea. I replaced my single coils in my 69S with noiseless DiMarzio's, but those are passive, so don't have all the issues of actives and batteries, and the effects of that on the Variax electronic innards, etc.



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