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My 89f At Home Finaly


Just received my 89f and it's incredible.

Buying a jtv69 and returning it to store cause model knob broken.

Receiving a 2nd 69 and another model knob broken. I was pissed then I heard about the 89f. So they told me I can have a 89f in april if I'm patient.

Still not there. Again I was pissed against my store cause sweetwater were already shipping thoses guitars since a few weeks.

Still ont there

Reported another month... grrrrr

The boss feel bad about that so he borrow me a jtv69 until my 89f arrive and guess what? The 3rd knob was broken too... lol

19th july:
Received my baby.

I'm not a gibson neck type, I like fender for bluesy stuff. I almost kept the 69, except for that stupid knob it was a great guitar. When I play hard stuff like Dream Theater, Satriani, stratovarius I like Ibanez or musicman profile. The 89f neck is totaly awsome. The second after I put my fingers on the neck I feel like that they have been there forever.The sound looks a bit better that the 69 to my ears.

It's a great guitar, thanks line 6.

Two little con:
Bridge noise when using tremolo on modeling. (like the 69 did)
Knobs are often behind tremolo but it's not a problem for me cause I use a dream rig and I switch everyting with my feets



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