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Help: Reverb problem! Pod x3 Live


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Hi guys, I want to ask you sorry for the bad english.
So THIS is the problem: when I use my Pod Line6 Live x3, I have some problems with the reverb effects: it turns up and down randomly, modifying my sound during the execution of a song/solo or while it is on and I'm doing nothing, and without my control switch constantly the % of "MIX", from 10% to 40%, from 60% to 20%, etc...
This is very uncomfortable problem and I have tried to reset the pod, but nothing is changed.
I thought that is not a software problem, but something in the circuit.


Help me, please, I don't want abandon this product, it's very fine and useful.

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Try turning the Rerverb knob back and forth quickly, from min to max repeatedly, for about ten seconds. Then, before playing, set the knob to its minimum (0%) position and leave it there during patch changes.


Sometimes this fixes the situation where a knob gets some dirt or dust inside, causing the sensors for the knob to sense movement from very tiny vibrations that occur without the user actually touching the knob.

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