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Firehawk with L3

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Hi, I'm thinking of getting a stagesource L3 to run my firehawk pedal through, I'm sure I read somewhere that you can run the L3 like a 2x12 stereo cab but I was curious which model does this? (l3t or l3m) or can both do it?

Also the firehawk doesn't have l6 link and I'm not sure if that's required


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Both can do it. L6 Link is not required - just use the stereo (or mono) analog Firehawk outputs into the L3t/m Line inputs on the rear panel.


I find I get the best results running the Firehawk in Studio output mode and using the cab/mic simulations in the Firehawk presets. An alternative would be to use no cab/mic simulations, use Amp output mode, and set the L3 speaker mode to Electric Guitar.

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Thanks for the reply

My main reason for looking into this rig is I'm fed up of having to recreate my live patches if I'm recording direct to DAW with the firehawk, my thinking is that if I run the L3 in pa or reference mode and create my patches they should transfer better when I switch to recording direct,

What do you think?

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