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Pod500 Usb To Computer Splitting Signal


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Split your guitar signal is what way exactly?


The short answer is yes, probably, but you need to give us a few more details first.


Are you wanting to have different amps go to the left and right sides?

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And to split the signal so I can have one delay going left and another right


There are few ways to do it. You can put your amp model before the split and then put different delays in the separate path after the amp. Then you'd just have to hard pan you tones in the mixer block. Turn the pan control for Path 1 to 100% L and the control for Path 2 to 100% R. This will separate the delay into the left and right channels coming from the USB audio.


The other option is to stick to one stereo delay block after the amp block. As long as you don't put anything else after the stereo delay, the left and right separation will be maintained to the mixer block. In this case, you could mute one of the paths in the mixer and leave the other panned to center.


As far getting the USB audio in your DAW, you have to make sure you have either a stereo track setup or two mono tracks. If you have two mono tracks, you'll have to make sure they're panned hard panned left and right so you hear the separation.

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ok yup it works brilliantly thank you so much.

I was just wondering if theres anyway it can with the POD500 and another pedal too. I'm going to buy a Boss Rv5 reverb pedal, but would want to split the signal from POD500 to go one way and the other signal to go to the reverb pedal?

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