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Mkii Express General How To?

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Other than these 2 entries in my Spider75 manual - I can't find any info to help me figure out how to use my MKII Express pedal. I know it can change presets btw a b c and d but can it change banks? Do I need to know how to use the midi settings to get it to fully work with the amp? Any help in pointing out where to look is appreciated?
Thx Dave
The FBV Express and FBV Express MK II will also control many Spider IV functions, 
including Tuner, Preset Select, Tap Tempo, and a few FX assignments for the pedal.
• To enter Tuner Mode, press and hold the currently lit Channel switch
• Press and hold either the A+B or C+D switches to enter Looper Control Mode; the 
lit Channel switch will now control the Loop, like the front panel Tap switch
• To exit Looper Control Mode, press the A+B or C+D switches again
• You can exit Looper Control Mode while your loop is playing, change your preset 
by pressing any Channel switch, then enter Looper Control Mode again at any time 


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The Express is just a set of switches (and continuous pedal that can be used as wah or volume on the Spider amp it is hooked to).  If you want to use it to control MIDI software, you will need to learn about MIDI control settings.


If you want to change preset Banks on your amp from a foot pedal, you will need to get the FBV Mk II Shortboard.

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Thank you Uber and Mike. But no I do not wish to use the pedal with midi software. I was wondering if understanding the midi setup of the pedal would allow me better control of the Spider 75 amp?

Isn't there any more that I can do with my $100 pedal than to switch btw 4 current presets and start the looper control? For example the blurb in the manual said "and a few FX assignments for the pedal." I find no info anywhere on doing that unless its part of the midi?


But the bottom line is - isn't there a better way for me to learn to use this pedal than to ask random people random questions? I don't understand the lack of documentation about this.





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always the manual....


you can also do vol/wah. and tuner funtions as well as update the amp...

the real way to figure it out though is actually the manual for your AMP...  (not the link above)

essentially the floorboard is just a dumb controller.. it can't do anything that your amp can't do.

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I'm starting to get it that this pedal isn't very useful after all. It does a few things but not what you really need. Like if I have a sound that I need to switch to in the middle of a song - I guess I have to make a new user bank with the first preset and the 2nd in the same bank so I can switch btw them during the song.


I have read everything in the manuals. The MKII manual says use the Spider manual and the spider manual only lists the 2 entries I put in my first post. Beyond that - I haven't found any usable info other than here.

Thank you again..



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You've got it correct regarding setting preset patches as needed per song.


For example if you are playing SONG 1 in your set list and need a chorus-clean sound for the intro, and non-chorus clean sound for the verse, and delayed sound for refrain and a louder sound for the lead part, you would set a bank on your amp, call the bank 'SONG 1', then set the 4 patches accordingly.

For most songs you would probably only need 2 patches - one for the rhythm part and a louder (or more distorted one) for the lead part.


I was using my Spider IV 75 in a Beatles tribute band for acoustic guitar, electric guitar and keyboards, and only used 5 user banks total - a couple of these had the same patches in different banks for easy switching during songs.

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