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I recording two videos, show the latency difference between Firehawk and Boss GT-8


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The latency when switching presets in the Firehawk is still something that buggers the hell outta me... I've got the latest 1.20 version, but compared to my old Boss GT-8 (from 2005), the Firehawk is much slower.


Here are the two videos. I even made the Firehawk patches copies of the first hoping that this would make it switch faster, to no avail.


The Boss GT-8 has different settings and effects on each preset as it has almost no latency while switching presets anyway.


And no comments regarding the sound, they are placed 4 feet apart and this affects the recorded camera sound.

Boss GT-8:
Any comments on the Latency, Line 6 people?
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Here are two videos that (hopefully) shows how much faster/cleaner the patch change is on the Boss GT-8 compared to the Line 6 Firehawk.


The Boss GT-8 has practically no disruption in the sound, but the Firehawk cuts the sound for a short while.


I often have two patches that are practically the same, one has multiple effects enabled and the other doesn't.

Switching patches enables me to switch on/off multiple effects fast and 'seamlessly' with the GT-8, but with the

firehawk that just isn't gonna flow as nice as with the GT-8, instead there'll be a gap in the sound.


I wish Line 6 will fix this.


Here are the videos:



Boss GT-8:


Line 6 Firehawk:

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