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FBV Mk 1 possessed ?

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I've had my Spider Valve and FBV mk 1 for several years, still enjoy it.  Having an issue though (see pic).


The FBV is lighting up multiple channels on its own and becomes inoperable (although the volume pedal still works when this happens).  Unplugging the Cat5 can help "sometimes" but it does reappear. Resetting the amp seems to do the same as unplugging the Cat5.


When the pedal freezes, I can still make changes on the amp itself.


The problem doesn't happen every time, but I have a little hesitation when I bring it to gigs.  Has anyone experienced this? 


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Thanks for the idea.  Since my post, the problem got worse, all channels lit up, no control.


This is a newer Cat5 cable (6 monthes or so), not the original one I had.  I didn't try a different cable yet, however...


On the amp Cat 5 insert of the amp, I did see something awry (see pic). One prong was lower than the others, and a few weren't sliding freely in the slots.  I attempted to adjust the prongs with a tiny screwdriver.  Same problem initially, but after reattaching the cable several times, the pedal works again.  I think it's likely to reappear though. 


Wondering if the female end on the amp could be replaced easily?  Not sure if you're able to answer that...


Either way, thanks for the help.


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