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Android Amplifi FX100 Continuous Syncing problem

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I just received my Amplifi FX100 and am anxious to play with it, but am experiencing a consistent problem with the syncing of my Android phone.  I have searched all the forums and it sounds others have similar issues, but a lot of the other posts have different scenarios than mine.


I have updated to the new firmware 2.50.2 and app on both my devices is 2.50.0.  On my iPad I have no issues with connectivity or playing using the remote app.  


On my Android phone where my music library is, I have no Bluetooth connection issues.  I can find the Amplifi fx100 fine and pair with no issues.  When I open the remote app, it immediately disconnects from device and enters a state where it tries to reconnect to the Amplifi fx 100 and says "syncing" into infinity and never reconnects.


Anyone else seeing this same situation?  Is there a phone setting I am missing?



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Try forgetting the BT connection, reinstall the app, factory reset the FX100, then re-pair.


If you are still having the same issue I would open a support ticket or give Line6 a call.

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