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Assigning Parameters - Use Case question


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Pre-ordered my Helix and still awaiting delivery.  In the meantime, reading manuals and watching tutorials, etc on YouTube.  Looks pretty easy to navigate and dial things in.  I have one question regarding parameter assignment and the footswitches.


Suppose I want to assign one of the footswitches in Stomp Mode to increase the amp's gain from 3 to 6, while simultaneously increasing the mids on the amp from 5 to 7  (i.e. dedicated Lead Boost footswitch).  I think this is possible, but all the videos I have seen thus far show basic on/off assignment of the FX block.  A couple of videos show how you could assign the expression pedal (learn controller) to change these parameters in real time.


But can I assign those parameter changes to a latching footswitch?  If so, how?  That is, how do I assign the footswitch to toggle between Gain 3 / Mid 5  <-->  Gain 6 / Mid 7?



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Yes, you can do that, and it's really easy to do. You can actually assign up to 8 control functions to one switch (each parameter and effect/on state is a control function). To assign a controller, you simply hold down the knob under the parameter you want to control, hit the "learn controller" knob once the controller assignment screen comes up and then hit the button or move the expression pedal that you want to assign it to. Once the assignment is made, you set the min and max values you want. You'd do this for both the gain and mid control in your case.

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Yes, and it's very simple:

  • Press and hold the knob for the parameter you want to assign to a footswitch. Helix jumps to the Controller Assign screen for that parameter.
  • Press Knob 6 (Learn Controller) and then press the desired footswitch. Helix automatically assigns the footswitch to that parameter.
  • Turn Knob 4 (Min Value) and Knob 5 (Max Value) if desired. Swap min and max values to reverse controller behavior.
  • Press HOME to exit the Controller Assign screen.
  • Repeat steps 1-4 to assign additional parameters to the same footswitch. Each footswitch can be assigned to up to eight different items (Block on/off, parameter min/max, and/or Command Center message).

EDIT: Phil beat me by seconds! <shakes tiny fist>

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Thanks for the quick responses.  Really does seem easy.  Last question --- once assigned, if I want to go back and tweak those min/max values, do I repeat that assignment process or is there a quick way to view the existing assignment and tweak?

Just press and hold that parameter knob again—Helix jumps to the correct page. When you're done tweaking, press HOME.

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