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Tube like tones


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Does anybody have any tips for creating juicy tube like tones? I have a really nice rhythm tone using the PhD but I'm looking specifically for a clean tone and a just beginning to break up tone

On my old zoom g5 there was a tube parameter on the amp models which you could turn up and down and I found that really effective

I know the sounds I'm looking for are in there somewhere just hoping someone could help out

My set up is a jtv59>firehawk>stagesource lt3

Thanks for reading

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I have a nice warm bluesy sound...its not quite ready for publishing, but I like it so far. I've only had Firehawk for 3 weeks so its a work in progress


Guitar -> Firehawk -> PA speaker


Guitar: Gibson Les Paul (Neck pickup/vol:5-10/tone:7) -> 

1992 Brit Gain J-900 Clean [settings top to bottom: 83/40/50/0/30/65]  w/ 4x12 Green 25's [settings top to bottom: 30/57S]->

{effects:TS/Tremelo/Delay/Reverb} ->

Deura SBA-115 (or headphones)

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I fully recommend giving this a read, some really useful advice that relates to the firehawk despite being written for the hd pods


Turns out I had the master on all my amps set to 100% and dialling it back to 50% and putting a drive pedal in front got me the tones I was looking for

Genuinely blown away by this pedal at the moment

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