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Variax Port on POD X3 Live damaged


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I never used the Variax port, but now as I sold the unit, the customer tells me that his Variax Guitar does not respond. May be the user that owned it before damaged the port, as the plastic cap to protect it was missing.

My quests :

  • can it be repaired, and is it a difficult issue?
  • is there any other people facing this problem ?

Would like to know more, may be someone can give some hints, links a.s.o.

thanks in advance

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It's not uncommon for the port to be damaged when unprotected by the rubber cap. It's often the result of a user inserting the 1/4" guitar cord into the wrong jack. This can bend the connection pins/wires inside the VDI jack. If the damage isn't too bad it can often be corrected by using a do-it-yourself J-hook fashioned from something like a twist tie you might find on the packaging from a loaf of bread. Just carefully straighten out the bent pins/wires.


If that is not the problem the X3 probably needs servicing. But before doing that I would first eliminate the Variax guitar and the VDI cable being the source of the problem. Has the new user ever successfully used the VDI connection on his guitar with another device? Is he using the X3 properly to recognize the Variax input to Tone1 or Tone2 as required?

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thank you very much. I was too late asking


Just payed back some amount to balance it out.

But if it was a bent pin, it might have been easy to fix, which I forgot to think about.

I don´t know what the user was doing at all, except that he told me had purchased another X3 instead of using mine...

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