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JTV59 Truss Rod Cover Replacement?

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Im sure many would agree, that if you love your JTV59, you are probably not in love with the Truss Rod Cover. Very, Very, dang! Very Ugly! Just wondering if anyone has found, made or can recommend a better looking replacement? 


I have a massive collection of guitars, but I keep coming back to my JTV59. Just feels right and "home" for me. 


Thanks for any help guys. 

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wow... that is a pretty standard looking truss cover... nothing exciting or offensive about it... does it's job... but i've not seen demand for any replacement although i'm sure one could easily be made with an exacto knife and an old unused pickguard of your choosing... just by tracing and then drilling some holes.

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True, I just find that the stock truss rod cover is just kind of an eye sore for me. Just a personal thing. Doesn't change the tone or make it better, just wondering if someone might know of anyone making a more solid replacement, maybe with a nice beveled edge? No worries, just checking.

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