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how do you get music to stream through the amp?


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I'm having this issue too. I have an Amplifi TT running into my Fender Blues Jr. The guitar stuff all works fine, but when I play music (using the Amplifi amp on my HTC M8), no sound comes out whatsoever. The app shows the music as playing (track time starts counting), but there's no audio. Any solutions to this? The Amplifi TT is fully updated, I've restarted my phone, etc.

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When I did that, there was no sound whatsoever coming from the amp - only the phone setting gave any sound at all (through the phone). 


I solved this by putting my TT output through the headphone jack to the amp instead of using the amp out. It works.

I just got my Amplifi TT.  With preloaded firmware, I got the Demo backing tracks to play through my amp, through amp output.  After upgrading to latest FW (2.6.1) there was no sound through amp output, but headphone jack worked.  Thanks very much, but I can't believe Line6 screwed that up.

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They didn't screw this up. To put it simply: RTFM


There are several possible connections, and they behave differently. It takes a little while to exhaust all the possibilities, and it can seem confusing, at first.


Here are the relevant sections:


Rear Panel Connections

Amp Out -The Amp Out provides a 1/4 inch mono output of guitar processed with amp modeling and effects and optimized for connecting to the input of a guitar amp. Bluetooth audio is not sent to the Amp Out.
Using Main Outs & Amp Out Together - Only Bluetooth audio will be present at the Main Outs when the Amp Out jack is connected.
RCA Main Outs -The RCA Main Outs provide full range audio, sending out a mix of processed guitar and any Bluetooth audio that may be streaming to the unit. Plug RCA cables to the RCA Main Outs to connect to any number of destinations, such as a home stereo or portable speaker system.
1/4 inch Main Outs - The 1/4 inch Main Outs also provide full range audio, sending out a mix of processed guitar and any Bluetooth audio that may be streaming to the unit. Plug 1/4 inch cables into these outputs to connect to a destination with 1/4 inch inputs, such as a mixing console, PA or powered monitors.
In other words, if you are connecting to a guitar amp using the Amp Out jack, you will not get streamed BT audio. Streamed BT audio will be available from either the RCA or 1/4" Main Output jacks. The processed guitar signal will also be present here UNLESS you also have a connection to the Amp Out. In this case, the signal will be split, with the guitar coming out of the Amp Out, and BT audio from the Main Outs.
Yes, another option is to use the headphone output, but I'm not going to break that down.
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