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Semi parametric eq tips


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Hi there, 


When using an EQ I would recommend taking out the frequencies you don't want. For your example you say the highs are harsh; raise the high shelf gain a bit to hear them a bit louder, sweep through the frequencies, find the one thats giving you trouble, then back the gain off getting it out of the mix - to your taste. 


Try this as a starting point. Everyones ears are different, but this has always been a major rule of thumb when using EQ with tone writing on our end. 

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Thanks I've been working along those lines and I'm spotting the bad frequencies quicker now

Do you know what frequencies a regular guitar cab rolls off at ?

I guess they're all very different now that I think about it but when I play alone I actually like the sound of the low end of my tones but when I get together with the band I don't cut through in the mix so I have to cut some of the lower frequencies so I was curious where the low and high frequencies tend to get filtered out by a regular cab

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