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Air travel with the DT25 head

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I just bought one of these bad boys online and my dad is bringing it to me. I also bought the speaker cabinet. The cabinet will be checked in with the original packaging for protection. Not sure what to do about the head. Can some of you please chime in? Are the tubes easy to remove and put back in?. These are my options as I see it:


1 - We could take the head out of its box and put it in a carry on suitcase.

2 - Same as 1 but removing the tubes

3 - Check it in with the cabinet 

4 - Same as 3 but removing the tubes


Shipping the unit directly to me is not an option as I'm currently living overseas and the cost is enormous.


Thanks everybody!



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They ship from the factory and from retailers all day long with the tubes installed.  If its in the original packaging I would just check it in with the cabinet and count on the airline staff to treat it well.  Always a coin toss.

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