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Amplifi 75 stuck in update mode

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Not too much of a techie here.. Soo a few weeks ago my amplifi 75 stopped working and all the lights started flashing.. I figured out this meant it needed to be updated, so that's what i tried. At first, everytime I updated it (tried it with and w/o putting it in update mode) it worked for a couple of minutes up to an hour or so, but then it'd give out this loud continuous beep and it'd revert back into all lights flashing and nothing else working.. now, everytime I try to reset/update it nothing happens. I tried updating it both with my ipad and laptop (windows 10, latest updater installed).. Anyone who has any idea how to fix this??? Getting pretty desperate right now.


Thanks :)


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Hi Douwe,



I would try downloading the updated firmware file from the Line 6 Updater. Then install the update "from file". Its all within the interface making this quick and easy.


I would recommend the Factory reset (While holding the master volume and tone button, power on) > Update mode > install update + follow post update instructions. 


Please let us know if this does/doesn't help.



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