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Help with FBV Shortboard MKii please

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Hi all,


My pedal had gotten loose, wouldn't stay in position leading to being unable to "hold" the volume at lower levels, the pedal would droop forward.  There was also a rattling noise when I picked it up, so the solution seemed obvious (and was).  


I took the back panel off the board and a screw fell out.  It was one of the four screws that holds the front-position of the pedal in place.  So I put it back in and tightened all of them, and also the screws on the transistor board, which weren't as tight as they should have been.


I put the panel back on and now the volume pedal doesn't work- the slide itself is the problem, the wah will still click on or off, but also have no control.  Re-calibrating wouldn't work at all.


I filled out a support request almost a week ago and still haven't heard back.

I googled the problem wording it many different ways, but came up with nothing but a single article from the UK regarding someone with a direct sunlight issue and a foam ring that is supposed to be part of the control issue.


I've searched even more on this mysterious ring, but cannot find anything- it's size, where exactly it goes, nothing.  The rear portion of the pedal seems sealed, so I'm very hesitant to start screwing with it when I have zero direction.  I looked for that foam ring in the space where I worked on the pedal, but nothing.  If it fell out, I didn't notice at the time, and it doesn't seem to be laying about.


Can anyone help with info, support, something?


I'm looking to sell the whole rig and having a working pedal is pretty paramount to getting a decent price for it!



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Well if you took it apart you might want to do it again and if I remember right there is a ribbon cable in there, check to make sure it is seated right.


If the pedal droops there is an hex bolt in the side so just give it a tweak clock-wise to tighten.


Support takes a bit of time but as you took it apart there probably is no way for them to know what you "may" have done. Hopefully nothing is fatal in there.

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The pedal was loose because a screw came out internally- I could hear it banging around.  I really just want to know how the volume up-down works and any info or schematic on the pedal itself so I can fix it, including this mysterious foam ring that apparently controls the light sensitivity.  I have ensured that the ribbon cable is seated properly.  The pedal functions perfectly with exception of the expression pedal no longer controlling the variable level.

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I finally got the pedal to work, but actually I don't know what I did.  A few on/off's and recalibration attempts later and it magically just started working again.


Then, the very next day, the rack unit (actual  HD unit) goes batty.  Lift it up and whaddaya know... loose screw banging around inside.  Opened it up, turns out to be a screw and hex nut both rolling around seperately.  wtf?  Not even two years or 50 gigs on these and just like every other "professional" digital gear, it just falls apart.


Call me crazy but after 10 years of digital gear, it's starting to feel like planned obsolesce that none of this stuff can make it past the 2-year mark.  I moved to line 6 from digitech after becoming disgusted with their product lifespan.  


I'm sending it to the repair shop and selling it off if it's fixable.  No way would I dare spend the money on a helix.. no way.  I already put my money into a nice Blackstar tube head.  


Why is it Boss / Ibanez pedals 35 years old still work?  Even my Quadraverb from 1993 still works.  This stuff is junk, and yes, I'm angry.   

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