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Trying to connect my FX100 to my iPad for recording into GB or Cubasis

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Hey, all,


As the title says, I'm wanting to record in Garageband or Cubasis on my iPad Air.


Currently, I can lay down some guitar in either app by going thru my Sonic Port or Sonic Port VX into the iPad via the inter-app audio, choosing Mobile POD as my input.


But after talking to Line 6 support, the tones I've generated/saved in my Amplifi Remote app are not compatible or transferable to the Mobile POD app/tones. They said I would have to recreate the tones in Mobile POD (not desirable lol).


So I read that in one of the last releases that the FX100 can now "audio out" via USB for recording, but have yet to figure out what cable (if there is a single cable available) or combination of cables and hardware do I need to get this to work.


If it would help, I have an Alto 8 Ch. mixer available to use.


As usual, any/all help from the "experts" on this forum is greatly appreciated.



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The iPad has no USB, you can use a camera connection kit though.


Thanks, Triryche (btw, Queensryche fan?).....


Sorry if i didn't explain my setup clearly as I am aware that the iPad has no USB.


I was under the impression that the "now functional" USB (Type B?) connector on the back of the FX100 can be used as an audio output to a DAW.


What i can't seem to find an answer for is what cable or combination of cables would I need to connect out of the FX100's USB port into my iPad (Lightning) input to have GB or Cubasis recognize it as an inter-app audio device.


Again, I can do this if i go from my guitar into my Sonic Port and out to the iPad. Then GB or Cubasis "sees" the Mobile POD input.


Hope this clarifies my quandry.......

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Yep, long time fan, even after the shenanigans!!


Yes, the FX100 can now be used as an audio interface via USB to your DAW.

I honestly do not now if there is a conversion method to connect the FX100 USB to the Lightning port with the exception of the iPad camera connection kit.

So I guess the Apple camera connection kit is the combo you would need.


Sonic Port as specifically designed to use with iPad/iPhones.

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