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M20D's first live outing...

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So, in my few posts here, I've been a bit scathing about various aspects of the M20D and the manual, so I thought that - for a change - I'd say something nice.


We took it out for a first run last Saturday and it worked like an absolute charm. Recording, dongle, eq, fx, monitors, everything. An absolute pleasure in every respect.


Hopefully this will continue...

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Give your guys time to understand it.


I used to be really anal about my rig... I'd concocted the setup and each outing played about with stuff so it was (in some areas) different every time for the first 5 or 6 outings. I rarely had problems until others, desperate to "do their bit" started trying to help out. In the end, I started to turning up to venues about 45 minutes before I would tell the rest of the guys I was turning up so I could get the task done without "assistance".


Now the setup is settled, I've gradually been assigning tasks to others... give 'em just a single job that is simple (running out mics and cables etc) and I keep to doing the mains run (that's convoluted in itself) and the L6Link run... though I do now have one band member who now knows how the L6Link runs out. We're now rigged up and sounchecking with a 4 speaker system in about 50 minutes (including load in time) (about 60 mins for the full rig).


It's new (to you) gear and will take time to learn. Once you are confident in your own abilities, then you can start to farm a few jobs out... just don't take too long leartning else your bandmates will let you carry on ad infinitum! I'm luck, I have 4 other bandmates who all want to do their bit but were willing to be patient with me!

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had the mixer for about 2 years now and just bought 2x l3t's they sound great far paly and setup for us is about 4o minutes with a load in time of about 15

great product but my mixer just decided to stop working.. just displays a white screen

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