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Best practice stagesource l3t recording

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Currenty I am running my voice through the channel 2 of the speaker and a mp3 player in the line input (shoudl I be using L&R aux input instead, what's the difference?). How can I connect the speaker to an audio interface ? Do I go Loop Thru Output > XLR > audio interface or Mix output > XLR > audio interface. What's the difference ?


Thank you guys for your explanations


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Loop Thru will give you a send of whatever is presented at ONLY the XLR/Jack combi line input

Mix output will give you the summed output of any and all inputs (including the side panel inputs on an L2t/L3t)


So, if you want to record your voice against the Mp3 input, you need the MIX OUT output


As for whether to use the Line input or the AUX input... it's up to you, but there is level adjustment in the inputs: LINE input is +4dBu and the AUX input is -10dBu. The AUX input is designed for audio equipment like mp3 players etc and is probably best as it's input level has been tuned for such devices. If you put your mp3 player into the standard line input, it presents a hotter signal (a 4dB boost) so you may then find it more difficult to align your mic inputs aginst the mp3 unless you turn down the output level on the mp3 player.

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