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Tone shift? Tune half step down?


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I have mine at (from top to bottom):


100% - Position

-24 - Heel

-2 - Toe

100% - Mix

no - assign to pedal


maybe this isn't quite right,  a little help is appreciated.


I boosted the mids and high/mids with the EQ to bring out the higher strings a bit.  Sounds OK for us.  On the hard hitting drop songs, I still use me DropC guitar.

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I have:

gate, vol, wah, stomp, synth (bender), synth (smart harmony), amp/cab, comp, eq, fx loop, reverb, looper


Maybe, thinking about it, the bender might be better in front of the stomp.  I might try that and the 48% and see how that sounds.

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Nice tip guys!


I uploaded two Guns 'n Roses patches to the cloud:


GnR Slash Clean (based on a tone I found using tone search, plus the Bender in the half step down tuning)

GnR Slash Dirty (based on the LINE6 video to create a GnR sound, plus the Bender in the half step down tuning)


Tried them last night during rehearsal and it sounds pretty convincing!

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