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  1. Now that I've read the Trio+ manual and checked the YouTube clips, I really, really need one ..... as a Christmas gift....from myself... ;-)
  2. I just checked the manual for the Trio Plus and you don't need a mixer at all! Check manual page 13, first picture. This is basically how you have to set things up: Plug your Guitar in the Trio Plus "Guitar input" Connect the Trio Plus "FX Send" to the Firehawk "Guitar input" Connect the Firehawk Mono (left) jack output to the Trio Plus "FX Return" Connect the Trio Plus "AMP output" to the Line6 Amp input OR if your Line6 Amp has an FX loop put it in the Line6 "FX Return" Good luck!
  3. That would improve the accessibility of the switches, but then the Wah pedal range feels kind of strange to me.
  4. The Firehawk FX only has 1 input, so what you need is a mixer to mix the Firehawk Output and the Trio plus Output and then to your Line Amp Return for a clean(ish) overall volume boost. If you use your Line6 Amp settings instead of the Firehawk Amp models, the Trio plus sounds will go through the same amp settings which is probably not the best option sound-wise.
  5. Actually I would like this option. I also switch effects on/off in a patch more frequently than changing patches. And personally I find the big volume knob is a bit too close to the switch. Swapping switch rows sounds like a good idea!
  6. Unfortunately the DAP BA-150 console broke down, but I replaced it with a Devine D-200 poweramp. Very transparent and loud amplification! Used it on stage and didn;'t have to dial the volume further than 30% to get a really loud amplified Firehawk FX. I also played over a Fender Acoustic SFX amplifier, and must say that this also sounded very loud and excellent!
  7. I put two Fane Sovereign 12-250TC speakers in my closed back 2x12 cab. These speakers have an incredible full spectrum frequency range (45Hz - 18kHz) and are very efficient. Also covered the inside of the cab with acoustic foam. A DAP BA-150 console is used as a power amp, but any powered console or mixer will do. It's basically a mini PA system running 250W RMS into a 500W/4Ohm cab. Extremely loud and leaves my Firehawk tone exactly as I dialed it in! And a second use for the cab is at parties where I can play my Spotify playlists via the Firehawk.
  8. I'm also part of the "Group 1" users. The Firehawk does exactly what I bought it for, especially with the patch with the additional assignable block. My comments in a nutshell: - I haven't had any problems during gigs on stage, however occasionally we have a gig outside and then the switch lights are more difficult to see. - I do read some problems here related connectivity with IOS devices, but I only use Android with no problems. - And there may be a problem with volume settings when using the tuner. The Firehawk tuner is OK, but I still use my Korg Pitchblack since it is way faster. - One thing that is a bit annoying is that the large knob is too close to the footswitches. As a workaround I assigned my modulation effects to these switches, since they are not used that much. - Another thing that most modelers seem to have is that the expression pedal is always on the right side. But I'm using my left foot for wah etc... My pedalboard (a modified Showmaster 48 case) is very tidy with just a Line6 Relay G30, Pitchblack tuner, Firehawk and power supply block ;-) Just plug in (headphone, PA or AMP) and rock on!!
  9. Are you using a volume pedal in your pedal chain? If so, check the set value in the patch.
  10. All headphones seem to have a character of their own. Some are very bassy/boomy others may sound a bit harsch. I ended up using my Shure SE535 in-ears for setting up my tones and EQ settings. The Shure SE535 is basically a mini-FRFR PA speakerset with a flat response. When playing through a PA system set in neutral EQ without any effects, I really get the sound I dialed in when using the in-ear headphone. And during a gig the PA of our tech is pre-adjusted to my Firehawk to generate the sounds I want. When I receive the overall bandmix and my own tone via the in-ear there is no (tone) tweaking required other than (volume)leveling of the other instruments and vocals. I do experience a lot more tweaking when using an actual (power)amp, probably due to the CAB-sim and normal cab-speaker voicing. It often sounds a bit darkened, turning the CAB sim off doesn't always make the sound better. Larger amps with a presence knob in the power section set to full do come pretty close to the intended tone when using the Firehawk CAB-sim though!
  11. Nice tip guys! I uploaded two Guns 'n Roses patches to the cloud: GnR Slash Clean (based on a tone I found using tone search, plus the Bender in the half step down tuning) GnR Slash Dirty (based on the LINE6 video to create a GnR sound, plus the Bender in the half step down tuning) Tried them last night during rehearsal and it sounds pretty convincing!
  12. Just wondering since I use only android-devices and never have had any of these issues mentioned on this forum. Can the problem be isolated to iphone/ipad users?
  13. I've made all my patches with the 4 assignable blocks and never had any issues. Maybe someone from LINE 6 can comment on this?
  14. If I remember correctly there is a patch named "BJ Clean" you can use with 4 assignable blocks and no FX loop block. You can find it using the "Tone Search" in the app.
  15. Tried this last night, but in my case the volume can not be tweaked along with another assigned parameter. Maybe the firmware has something to do with it. My unit was delivered with the 1.20.00 version. I agree with you that the parameter tweaking on te M series is far more advanced. I used to do change multiple aprameters with my M13, however in Live performances I just need sounds on the fly, so the tweaking is something I mostly did/do when experimenting or recording.
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