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Routing question.. Don't think this has been covered?


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Hey guys! 


     Sorry if this has been covered. Im not great at forums but i've been searching for an answer to this and can't seem to find it. Im currently running a matchless into a two notes torpedo studio live. I absolutely love this setup but I have considered buying a helix to replace my pedalboard and also add another amp to my rig via the simulators. So here's my question. How would I setup my helix to run all the effects in front of my matchless, but also at the same time run an amp sim. ( probably the shiva ) with the same effects in front of it. Does this make sense? 


Thanks in advance! 

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You're probably looking for 4-Cable Method. I won't get into the madness here (lots of great 4CM videos out there), but once you're hooked up, here's how you set it up in Helix:

  1. Press the PRESETS knob and use the joystick to select 8 TEMPLATES > 02A 4-Cable Method.
  2. Press HOME.

Footswitch 2 (HELIX PREAMP) lets you toggle—in real time—between your real Matchless preamp and any of Helix's preamp models. Any effects blocks before the FX Loop block will be in the front of your Matchless; any effects blocks after the Preamp block will be in your Matchless's effects loop—between its preamp and power amp.


Save what you've made to other preset locations and try out other preamps and effects. Done.

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Yeah that's easy to do.


  • Just put all the FX you want in Path 1 (or 1A and 1B if you want to run some parallel fx) then send that to Path 2.
  • Put an amp sim (and cab) on path 2 then drag it down to create path 2b. Path 2a will be for your matchless amp, 2b for the sim.
  • Set the Path 2a outputs to 1/4in Jack to feed to your matchless.
  • Move the merge block on Path 2a down to path 2b to create an output on Path 2b
  • Set the Path 2b output to XLR to feed your PA / mixer / speakers 
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