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  1. Any update on this? Can the Send Blocks send to USB yet?
  2. I've been wanting more flexibly in the routing since the moment I bought my Helix. I made this idea scale 4 years ago! Even Digital Igloo upvoted the idea - so I was kind of expecting it would be here by now... Like you say "Fingers crossed for firmware 3.0"
  3. Glad you managed to find a way to make it work @tonydavidcray! Shame that the two additional stages of A/D to D/A each add a needless approx 2 - 3 ms of latency that the USB route would not create. As you said above.... I've been wanting this for 3 years now - please upvote my idea scale. Whenever there is a new update I am all hopeful its finally been sorted - and then am let down again Come on now @Digital_Igloo - you did upvote this idea yourself 2 years ago or more.
  4. Yes! And in order to use the Ableton Looper we need to be able to access the USB more easily - by using a Send / Return block. As some people have commented: Al Swainger (@alswainger) 3 months ago Shame not to see any progress on this - it's such a great idea and exactly what I've been Googling to try and work out how to do...3 years later apparently! Mike Lappano (@mwmike) 2 years ago Yup, this is exactly what I was looking for. I'm using the Helix with Ableton Live on PC with dedicated soundcard so I can route my Helix to Ableton and back to Helix through the stereo FX loop, and then out to guitar amp, while sending other non-guitar tracks from Ableton to the PA. It would be great to be able to use the digital in/outs to interface with the soundcard instead of four 1/4" cables and a bunch of needless A/D-D/A stages.
  5. I've had problems before when I have several devices plugged into Ableton and trying to set up MIDI mapping from Helix. Sometimes one of the other devices plugged into the mac unexpectedly responds to the ccs transmitted by another - and it results in a strange conflict. Worth checking out if you have more than just Helix plugged in. Also make sure that you have the "track" "remote" and "sync" options in the MIDI setting in Live as they ought o be for your needs and not all just set ON.
  6. I use my Helix floor to control Ableton Live and also sometimes apps on my iPad ( Loopy or Group The Loop ) Helix has really good flexibility with the variety of options you have for setting up MIDI messages - CC, CC Toggle, Note etc. - so I have not yet encountered a situation that Helix could not be set up to control - unlike some simpler devices which can only send one type of MIDI message. As @rd2rk says you need to see the manual of the app on your iPad / laptop and check out which features can be set up for MIDI control. If you use an iPad you need a "CCK" Camera Connection Kit that to connect to Helix via USB and that sorts out the MIDI messages on the way. If you have a mac laptop you just plug a regular USB in and the connection carries MIDI as well as 8 channels of audio both ways. I think PCs works the same - but don't ask me about ASIO drivers of the like.. I am sure you can get it to work fine but I gave up that game a long time ago! I think Android tablet might recognise Helix's MIDI right away if you can get the correct USB lead to go from Helix to the devices micro / mini usb (but I am just guessing - so I may be wrong!!!) Failing all of that you can just plug a regular MIDI lead out from the back of Helix and use a regular MIDI interface on your device. Helix is GREAT for controlling other things. I wish Helix Control could be used standalone for this purpose. I'd buy one (or two) more :)
  7. Yes the routing options REALLY could do with a spruce up! Been waiting nearly 2 years now (since submission of my Ideascale - that even DI himself upvoted!) and we have had many amps added that sound almost exactly the same as the other amps - but not these sort of crucial improvements to usability. My pet peeves 1) we cannot assign Send / Return blocks to USBs, 1/4in, XLR, Digital 2) Path out - I would like a Multi that did XLR and USB/1/2 - not the 1/4in jacks as well, or just XLR and Digital. Or even better a "user multi" where you chose what outputs were included. Surely those are easier to code than an amp model?
  8. I'd be happy if they finally got around to improving the USB routing so you could use a Send/Return block to connect to your iPhone running MIDI Guitar 2 app!
  9. I love my Helix - but those bank switches! Grr!! When I'm singing and playing guitar and have to switch to a new snapshot it's so frustrating when I accidentally hit Bank Down. I wish you could move the bank switches to the right hand side of Helix Floor - the lower left foot switch is the easiest one to identify and not hit any others in the process. That would be the one I'd assign for the tricky changes.
  10. This should work! As long as-you aren't wanting to record your guitar into Ableton for looping purposes. Otherwise you would need to set your guitar path output to 1/4in and USB. There is no option to do this - so you either have to: a) use a Multi path output which would also send your guitar to the XLRs / separate speakers - this is not what you want b) split the guitar signal and use two path outputs, one to 1/4in and one to USB. You'd then have the problem of routing the looped guitar from Ableton back to the 1/4in outputs to your stage speaker. Which would take another path. Basically you have just one path left to put your guitar effects on! We need better routing options - like enhanced Send / Return, Paths and Global routing destinations etc.
  11. I've been banging my head against the wall with these kind of scenarios for 3 years now! What we need is the ability to route SEND / RETURN blocks to the USB sockets (and also XLR and 1/4in) - and Path outputs need more control as well - eg. sometimes we might need USB3/4 and XLR, or XLR and USB 1/2 but not 1/4in. I have a 3 year old idea scale for this - that DI himself upvoted! Also another useful addition that might help you out in an easy way would be a new Global setting to route USB channels directly to any output - kind of like we can currently with the USB 1/2 Destination. Eg USB 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 Destinations - choose from XLR, 1/4in, Digital, Send 1/2, Send 3/4 (it would be perfect if you could choose more than one from the list to make your own user Multi)
  12. Yes - Yes - YES Please upvote this idea I made for this 3 years ago: We need this - not more amps. We have had plenty of those in the last 3 years.
  13. Yeah I've been struggling with these sort of issues as well. I'm trying to use Helix with either "Group the Loop" or "Loopy" on my iPad or Ableton Live on my mac. Also I am using MIDI Guitar 2 on iPad and Mac to add synth sounds into the mix (and trying to loop them as well as the guitar.. which gets very complicated as you can imagine!) I usually set use the output block set to Multi and on iPad or Mac looper set the input monitoring off so that I only hear the guitar directly through Helix and not as it's played into the looper. Sometimes I have tried setting one path to output to USB to send the whole signal via the iPad and then returning the signal from iPad onto a new path via USB 3/4 (as you can't select USB 1/2 on paths) - but this gets annoying if you aren't using your iPad that day as there is no signal passing through without the iPad. As you say - it would be great if there was a way that the looping could be integrated easily into your normal patches without having to adjust loads of settings (like the Global > USB input trim, Path outputs etc). I think a couple of Helix software updates would help (and I suggested this 3 years ago!!) - being able to route USB to the SEND / RETURN blocks would make it easy to add a USB looper device anywhere into a signal path. I was really expecting this to be added in the upcoming v2.8 "Missing Connections" firmware and it's a massive bummer t have to wait further .. I am gonna keep mentioning it till it happens ;) Maybe TGP is the place where I will go and throw in my 2 cents worth as DI seems to listen to that more.. I will remind him that he upvoted this idea long time ago. Also having different options for the Path outputs might help too - some people might need USB & XLR, but not 1/4in Jacks - so a user definable "User Multi" might be helpful. I am currently thinking about adding an extra audio interface via the Send / Return blocks to see if this makes life easier to route things.
  14. Ah "Missed Connections" eh? - like the ability to connect USB to the Send and Return blocks perhaps - or even Send to 1/4in and XLR ;) Here's hoping
  15. This is most likely a different problem - Helix's EXT Amp switch socket is not Relay isolated (like most other devices are) - and because it's not isolated there can be a ground loop created. So with a lot of traditional tube amps plugging in the EXT amp when in 4cm either does not function properly at all, or causes hum. or both. There are many threads about this - Yes you need a MIDI amp switcher - or to build a relay isolation module to go into the EXT amp socket.
  16. Another option to get the balance right is to go to: Global Settings > Ins/Outs and use Knob 6 to reduce the USB In 1/2 Trim Try reducing it to about -20 to -30dB
  17. Hope Line6 take their time with the release and get round to improving the Routing options: eg. Send / Return blocks to and from USB, or Send blocks to 1/4in or XLR, and how more about Path output options: eg. Multi 2 "1/4 and USB", "Multi 3 "XLR and USB", or even better - a user assignable "User Multi" so you can choose which outputs it gets sent to. Much better for those of us trying to do fun stuff on our Helix with iPads or Computers and MIDI Guitar / synths / FX plugins / loopers and all that. Or just simply trying to send to stage amp via 1/4in and bypass the IR / Cab block without wasting a whole path output for it
  18. Yes this is a real bummer. There is a possible solution though I still have not got round to making it:
  19. It's really easy - you just need to add a Stereo Send / Return block into your chain. If you want to simply add the stereo pedal directly in the path just choose: Send/Return > Stereo > FXLoop1/2 or FXLoop3/4 EDIT: I'm assuming you are using Helix Floor here - I am not that familiar with Stomp and HX Effects models.
  20. Hey Digital Igloo - remember you upvoted this idea 3 years ago - let's move it into the Completed section ;)
  21. "Best way" depends on how you have your rig set up :) One way is to simply place the Lehle in between the Mono 1/4in Jack out and your FR monitor speaker. Some folks use that method. Of course it only works if you are using a mono jack output - not stereo or via the XLRs. Another way would be to place it in within a Send / Return Loop and then pop a Send/Return block into your signal chain - though this would mean passing your guitar signal through an extra stage of AD and DA conversion so I would not do that personally (and again it is only Mono) Or you could modify the Lehle so it functioned as an actual expression pedal - there are a few posts on the forum about that I think.
  22. If you are suffering from an actual ground loop hum, then yes either the Behringer or EBTech Hum Eliminator should solve your problem. The EB Hum Eliminator looks to be very similar to the Behringer - so I would think that would work the same way. I couldn't say if the Hum X would solve your problem or not. If it's something else - like induction from fluorescent lights - then these boxes will almost certainly not eradicate the hum.
  23. I was getting ground loop hum when I plugged in a second guitar amp to make a stereo stage amp set up (using the first amp in 4cm and the second just into it's FX return) I bought a Behringer MicroHD400 last week and it's completely cured the problem - it was only £18. I might buy another just to have in the bag in case I ever run into other problems at a gig when connecting to their rig. I have heard some reports/reviews that using it can slightly drop the signal level - but this wasn't noticeable for me, although I did not do any A/B comparisons. I expect if you used it at a lower signal output (e.g guitar / instrument level ) you would notice the problem more.
  24. Here's my idea scale for the SEND routing upgrade :)
  25. Does anyone else struggle with this? I'm trying to use my tube amp on stage fed from the 1/4in out with the Big Volume knob set to control it. The tube amp's MV knob has no effect when connected to Helix via the amps FX Return socket - so the Helix Big Vol knob is essential to control amp volume. I cannot use a Send block / socket to send to my tube amp as it is not possible to set the Helix Volume knob to control Sends. So I have to use the 1/4in outs. I also want to send to XLR and USB1/2 via a cabinet / IR block. Obviously I want no cab block on the 1/4in outs to the stage amp - as the cab is trying to emulate the actual speaker cab (and it sound horrible running the cab block into the guitar amp) It seems to require me to use all 4 paths simply to do this routing - (photo attached) - and it means that I only have the top path and 8 blocks to use for all FX and the Helix amp. The other 3 paths are completely wasted except for the cab block (as is half of Helix's processing capability) Possible solutions to make things more flexible: 1) Allow Helix MV knob more options eg. to control Sends, or some people might need 1/4in and USB/Dig or XLR and USB/Dig. 2) More options for Path outputs - eg. Multi 2 (XLR & USB/Dig), Multi 3 (1/4in & USB/Dig) 3) Allow Sends / Returns to send to USB, 1/4in, XLR and Digital.
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