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G30 "could" be an awesome unit. But...

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I play bass 2-3 weekends a month in my band and have owned this unit for approx 2 years. The sound quality is very impressive and it reproduces bass very well with no noticeable frequency loss. The construction of the beltpack/transmitter lacks quality and ruins what otherwise would be a fantastic wireless system for the money. Heck, Line 6 could probably corner the market if they would just pay some extra attention to a few things.  After dealing with a broken belt clip, battery door and now internal jack, I'm afraid I'm done with it. If you guys think people are just going to go spend $250+ on another Line 6 product every time the one they have breaks, think again. My advice to musicians: If you absolutely need to go wireless, save your money a little bit longer and invest in a higher quality Shure or Sennheiser. 

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I understand were you are coming from, but to be fair, if you wanted higher quality you should have opted for the G50/90 which have metal construction, which have also been replaced by the 70/75?


I have 3 G30's and they have done hundreds of gigs if not well over a thousand, I am replacing them with the G10 as I too found the back pack a pain in the arse to keep secured on my strap. 


Shure also make a 2.4ghz wireless system that isn't too dissimilar to Line 6's product, however that is £350+ here in the Uk.

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