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  1. The battery door has been the subject of many complaints about the G30. It is very insecure and if it is too tight OR too loose against the battery terminals, the unit will shut off. After dealing with this issue multiple times, as well as having the belt clip break and the input jack becoming too loose inside to maintain a signal, I've decided to spend extra money and get a Shure. I wish Line 6 would have addressed these concerns after so many people made them aware.
  2. I play bass 2-3 weekends a month in my band and have owned this unit for approx 2 years. The sound quality is very impressive and it reproduces bass very well with no noticeable frequency loss. The construction of the beltpack/transmitter lacks quality and ruins what otherwise would be a fantastic wireless system for the money. Heck, Line 6 could probably corner the market if they would just pay some extra attention to a few things. After dealing with a broken belt clip, battery door and now internal jack, I'm afraid I'm done with it. If you guys think people are just going to go spend $250+ on another Line 6 product every time the one they have breaks, think again. My advice to musicians: If you absolutely need to go wireless, save your money a little bit longer and invest in a higher quality Shure or Sennheiser.
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