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Bogner Alchemist 2nd Channel Sounds Muddy

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sorry but i cant found a bogner section in this forum but i know that line6 does the support for the bogner alchemist amp


So here is my problem


the 2nd channel(gold) sounds very bassy and muddy - doesnt matter what EQ settings i suppose.

also the bright switch on that channel isnt working like it was before.

you cant hear a difference with or without the bright setting.


any ideas? what can I do?


i already shipped the amp to the dealer(thomann - Germany) and they shipped it to the repair center.

But they cant find a problem



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I wonder if the issue is a failed preamp tube.

V3 is only for channel 2

See here for the manual with a description of the tubes: http://c3.zzounds.com/media/Bogner-36b3e4c12cda7ccd7d9b411f9368e08c.pdf


I wonder if the boost also uses part of v3 in which case that could explain the issue.


Perhaps ask Thomann to swap v3 and v4 and retest with the FX loop off. If that makes it better swap them back and replace v3 with a new tube.





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hi rowbi


thanks for your suggestions

but the problem still exists.

i`ve put a new preamp tube to V1, v2 v3 and v4 and the problem still exsits.

The amp was also 2 times at the german repair center for bogner/line6 products but they cant find anything.

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Hi Cobain86,

I had similar but not identical issues with my Alchemist. I carefully pulled the chassis out and reseated all connectors in the audio path and made sure all power supply connections were tight. There are a lot of internal connectors in this amp and they are all places where oxidation can cause problems. By reseating I mean I unplugged and replugged every connection 3times in an effort to scuff the oxide off the connections. I was very careful not to bend or break pins in the process. Also a product like Caig Deoxit used sparingly on the connection will help as well. It helped my issue immensely.

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I recently bought a Bogner Alchemist 1x12. Not really sure what muddy means. However, when I use the gain channel, whenever I use any gain, boost, or the punch. My guitar sounds like it's connected to a Fuzz machine. It gets so bassy, buzzy, and fuzzy that its completely unusable. It's like having multiple fuzz boxes in an effects loop. 

It honestly sound nothing at all like the numerous videos people post online. Sucks too because I just got back into this, and blew a good amount of money on this amp. 




Sorry man, not trying to hijack your thread, but I think I'm having a similar, or the same problem. 



I wish I knew what you were talking about, I'd take it apart and try to fix it right now. I just don't have the education or experience to try this, and my local amp guy says he wont touch this thing.


C'est la vie!!! Maybe me getting back into guitar wasn't meant to be.  :(

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so does anybody have a solution for our problem? i already checked every connection on that amp.


@puterg33k yes my mercury channel sounds like you have the treble on the guitar all the way down - so no highs are comming through.

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