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"This tone requires 2.0 or higher"

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I'm getting the dreaded dialog box on some channels in gearbox. Has anyone figured out a simple workaround?


My stuff:



Windows 8 OS 

All the latest drivers, etc downloaded (Monkey dashboard says all items up to date). 


The standalone unit still works fine but hard to use in gearbox now. Any and all help much appreciated. 

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Possible fix- first things first-  NinetySix4 figured it out long ago, I just had trouble finding the answer. Turn on all cab sims before going into gearbox. This worked very well for me. You can turn them back off after editing, etc. 


For me this is a good workaround- the gearbox GUI is very handy for moving/assigning tones & it would be a shame to throw the unit away for just this. 


Thank you to  NinetySix4 & anyone who would've answered if they knew. I think this (or a suitable answer) should be pinned - I've seen many with the same question.

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