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Hi! I have a Toneport GX. I also have two guitars, one with SD Invaders, one with SD Blackouts. These are among the hottest PUs. When I record to my DAW, I open POD Farm and set the mixers input and output fader so they show no clipping. (Otherwise the signal would clip all the time) But I wonder, what if the signal clips right when it hits the AD converter. Is the Toneport's instrument input able to handle such a hot input signal? I have been experimenting with lowering the signal level with a stompbox or the guitars volume knob, but I wouldn't do this because to me it sounds weaker and alters the tone, even if I later normalize the recorded signal in the DAW.

Thanks a lot,


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Yes you can clip the input, and what you are doing already with an external stomp or guitar's volume are probably the easiest remedies.


But if you do not hear any clipping in your recordings, I wouldn't worry about it.


If you capture a dry signal in your DAW you ,might be able to tell by the wave form.


btw, POD Farm doesn't have any input faders, unless you are referring to the plug-in, but the plug-in.

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