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Anyone tried the app with ios10?

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I did this morning and it worked so far. The only issue is to unshuffle Music first, as Music came with the shufle on (start a song and shift upwards until all options appear in the bottom and unclick the shuffle, Music in iOS10 is far from brilliant for certain things).

The only real issue is that the songs pulled from Music can be played, but a complete CD for example cannot be played, only one song and then pause. You have to activate the next song.


Perhaps someone can shed some light on how to make this happen and enable the continuous flow of music without interruption.


I use a lot the AmpliFi TT for practice with increasing speed on backtrack tunes and now have to always click for the next tune, which is quite annoying, to be politically correct. I guess that the new iOS 10 settings for Music changed and this impacted the AmpliFi App.

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I'm using iOS 10.1 beta and the app just crashes. I can get it to connect for about a second and then it's done for.

Thanks, all I needed to hear to hold off on installing the beta.

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