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  1. Thanks, I did that last night and now LOVE my FX100! Sounding great! You have to go Main Out (Left Mono) if going into the Power Amp In on your amp. I'm playing through a Line 6 Spider Valve MK1. Now I'm struggling with EQ settings (frequencies and cut/boost dB) to shape the sound. Posted in a few other threads here for advice.
  2. Rob9874

    Where's the gain?

    I just starting tinkering with my FX100 for the first time last night. I was with you, thought the gain was lacking. But here's what I did, and love it now! I found good tones by tweaking the Master of Puppets and Still of the Night tones. With both, using my iOS app, I set the gain on the amp setting to 75%, and used the Tube Screamer stomp box. (Tube Screamer settings didn't make much of a difference. As long as it was on.) Then tweak the EQ. Gotta boost the high frequencies to get that gain bite. That's where I'm struggling now. I'm real close to tones I like, but need to figure out which frequencies to boost/cut, and by how much.
  3. I know responses will be subjective, but I'm open to try settings that others are using. Looking for a generic 80's metal tone. Raw, loud, and dirty like Warren DiMartini or Nuno Bettencourt. Found the gain and delay I like, but can't quite dial in the EQ. I'm using an AMPLIFi FX100, but I assume EQ settings should be universal. Looking for frequency as well as boost/cut dB. Also, if anyone has suggestions on a Metallica EQ (I know they differ from album to album), I'd like to try those too. I'm pretty happy with what I have now, but like all of us, always willing to improve the tone.
  4. I'd like to see this thread get active again. I know "good" tones is a subjective concept, but I think most guitarist can agree on what a quality tone is vs one that is flat or buzzy. I'd like to see people post some of their favorites that the rest of us should check out. I'm new to Amplifi, so I'll be posting ones I find that I like too.
  5. Great info thanks! I was going Amp Out into my Power Amp into my Bogner Spider Valve, and was less than impressed with the sound. I'll try the left main out tonight. Where do I want the volume on the FX100 to be? Do I crank it, and adjust volume on my amp?
  6. Thanks, all I needed to hear to hold off on installing the beta.
  7. The standby switch on my SV 112 has fallen into the amp, as the nut holding it in place fell off somewhere. Any idea where I could get a replacement? I've searched Line 6's website, eBay, Google, can't find anything. I picked up a 1/4" nut at Home Depot, but of course it didn't fit. I guess I could take off the nut from the Power switch and take it into HD to size it.
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