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  1. Has anyone come up with a wiring diagram for one of these yet? Looks like a fun weekend project.
  2. Hey folks - I have my HX Stomp on a little PT Nano board. I am currently using the stock power supply which is working for my purposes. As people have discovered, the stock PSU provides more than enough current, so I am trying to find a daisy chain cable that will enable me to power the stomp and a DMC micro. However, the daisy chain power cables I have from my old OneSpot doesn't work. The ends fit fine in a standard pedal, but it seems like the power input on the Stomp is just a hair smaller. Can someone please point me to the exact end converter cable I need? Thanks! -Dan-
  3. Are these hosted in the marketplace? Also, do they work on the HX Stomp?
  4. Ok, I figured it out! Turns out there are 2 different polarity settings, one for tip and one for ring. Once I ensured that BOTH were set correctly, it is all working as expected now! :-)
  5. Just got my HX Stomp (updated to FW3.01) and I am in the process of configuring the external switch and expression pedal. I am using the Dunlop DV4 Mini & the Pulse switch by railhead effects, the cable is a TRS Y cable by rockboard. EXP is connected to ring and the switch is connected to sleeve. The mini switch in the DV4 is key. Thanks @donsbeck ! I am still having the following issues I hope you folks can help with. The function of the volume pedal is revered. Meaning toe down is 0 and toe back is 100% - I even changed the "polarity" setting global settings. No impact. When I set the external switch (FS5) to the Tap/Tuner - it will switch to the tuner, then right back to the patch or vise versa. Basically, it seems like it won't "stick". Thanks!
  6. I finally got around to installing the 2.92 FW update today. While HX Edit really wanted to do it, it would get stuck on the "rebooting device" step. I would have to force quit the process and try again. After 3 tries, I found this thread and was reminded of using Line 6 Updater. That worked perfectly. So agree with others that the update process in HX Edit can get into a wonky state sometimes. Running latest Mac OS 10.15.5.
  7. Just updated to 2.90. The first issue I am seeing is that I am no longer able to configure my buttons to snap/stomp, actually, I can't the snapshots to display on any of the buttons. :-(
  8. Hang on. I thought when you don't have the Variax circuit engaged, you are just using the mag pickup. When you engage the Variax, the mag pickup is no longer used as you are using the piezo pickups in the bridge and the signal is processed through the Variax modeling circuit. Totally get the whole "Don't void your warranty" thing, but you seem to be indicating that by replacing the mag pickup with something hotter for example, will impact the overall function and tone of the Variax. Is that right?
  9. I just hit this on my mac book. Running latest version of Pro Tools (2018.4 I think) and the latest version of Native (1.50). Anyone else hit this and found a solution?
  10. I have seen a few threads on this, but a not a specific answer: "What is the difference between the Amp out, and the Main out (L mono side)?". I ask because I just got an FX100, and there is a very noticeable difference in tonality between the the amp out and the Main out. I am running into a Tech 21 Power Engine 60. When I use the Amp out, I find I need to EQ the setting in order make it sound good. But the Main out sounds fine. Has anyone confirmed if the cab and mic sims are disabled on the amp out? The manual doesn't state either way.
  11. Ok, I think I found the answer. Looks like this is a known issue with the 1st gen Flextones. Their program store feature isn't backed up by a battery so as the components age, the feature starts to fail. Without the floorboard plugged in, I am seeing the exact same behavior as documented in this post: http://line6.com/support/message/379230
  12. Hey Guys, I recently got an original Flextone Duo with a floorboard as part of a trade. The floorboard is in excellent condition. Overall it seems like everything is working as expected, however when scrolling up or down through the banks using the floorboard, I never really see the User or Preset tones. Everything is always in (E) edit mode. I did the documented factory re-set on the amp (holding down a-b-c-d while powering up). I am wondering if there is a battery in the amp or in the floorboard itself that may need replacing. Any ideas/help would be great. Thanks! -Dan-
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