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Best way to transfer user patches from one Spider MK11 valve to another Spider valve MK 11

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Hi All

I'm new here, can someone let me know the best way to transfer my user patches from one Spider valve MK11 to another Spider valve MK11 please?

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More than likely you can fire up the editor (the MK II lets you do the midi/pc connection) and there should be a save/load bundle or similar. Save one MKII's tones then connect the other MKII and load them into it. Or have whoever has the MKII save his tones and email them to you then load them in yours.


You can probably do a midi dump/receive but not having one means you should  "check the manual" :)


I only have a MKI but the above should work.

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Just to be clear (I'm doing this for the first time):


a. when the Edit program says "receiving presets", it's copying them from the amp to working memory, and

b. when I choose "File -> Save Bundle", it's saving them all to my hard drive?


Then, when my current amp dies (it's bound to happen eventually) I can


1) buy another SV MkII

2) hook it up to my computer

3) choose "Load Bundle"

4) choose "Send All"


and the new amp will be a clone of my old one.  Sound right?

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