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Initially, I kept getting Communication error Vetta II stopped responding try resetting the device then select REFRESH.


I IDd the problem and plugged the UNO into the back and selected the USB cables in the set up and got it to work.


Then when switching from Monkey 1.19 to Monkey 1.40 I uploaded the Vetta 2.03 Combo.VTF file and it loaded fine.


The message after that was to press SAVE and turn it off.  I turned it back on to check and NOTHING.


So, I repeated the process.  Nothing but blank screens.


I'll check the link above with fingers crossed, but I think it's toast.

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Why did you use Monkey 1.4 and I thought you were going to firmware 2.5? 1.19 should have taken you through everything including the new patches with 2.5. It goes step by step.


Its not dead IMO the link I posted will rewrite the flash-memory and should get you back up.

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Thanks for the reply...again.  1.19 didn't work.


Just went through the link set up...


Nothing showed up when I turned it on so selecting EDIT and SAVE was like skiing blindfolded assuming it might work.



Opened SYXEXVIEW and Vetta101.syx then SEND SYSEX FILE

UNO lit up as it does when sending.

After it was done I let it sit for a full 10 mins. 

Came back and screens remained blank as before.

Held down SAVE and turned it off.

Turned back on and Channel Selector screen showed 888 and 8 darkened rectangles with ALL the buttons lit up.


(IMHO the 888 is not a code.  It's simply all lights ON).


Turned it back off then on, the only change was the 8 blackened rectangles were gone.  Screens are blank.


A couple minutes later I turned it on again and the 8 rectangles are back and screen 2 looks like a screen (as in a screened door).

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OK, I deleted all versions of Monkey and reloaded 1.19.


When MONKEY loads it shows a screen for logging into Line 6 as well as an open UPDATES screen.  It's here that the FLASH MEMORY shows the yellow triangle with the ! in it.  When I select UPDATE SELECTION it tells me I must be logged in to Line 6.  When I log in another message pops up that states: 


Login failed.

Make sure you are connected to the internet.

Reason: (Code 8000038C6) Unknown server error occurred

If you have popup blocker, anti-spyware, or anti-virus programs running, try temporarily disabling them.

OKAY button.


The button below it states UPDATE FROM FILE.  When I select that the FILES OF TYPE section has VETTA FLASH FILES (*.VTF) in it. 


The ONLY VTF file I have is VETTA 2.03 COMBO.VTF.


Now, according to the loading instructions, under THINGS YOU NEED it states "Firmware SYX file (not VTF)".

What other choice do I have?



10 minutes later:  OK, it's possessed.  I turned it back on and the 888 became "666"  ; ' )  and the screens are blank, all lights lit.


I'm a loss now with no bread crumbs to find my way home...

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You cannot DL with Monkey as the firmware was removed to keep people from trying to reflash the Vetta without properly testing the midi connection. IF the midi connection was not working with Edit a brick is usually made.


The Midi-ox route is your best bet. But the VTF file should work. Be sure to use the latest M-Audio drivers too. I believe your issue revolves around getting the usb/midi interface properly working. Frustrating but based on what others have went through not fatal IMO.

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M-Audio CD had V4.2.03.4 on it.  DLd V 6.1.2 (X86).


With V4.2.03.4 a set up option was USB Audio...with V 6.1.2 (X86) that was no longer an option.  Only choices were SB Audiology Midi IO and Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth.  I selected the SB one and nothing happened.  I deleted that driver and reloaded the first one (from the CD) and USB Audio showed up again.


125PM:  Started MIDI OX, selected USB IN & OUT, selected SYSEX file, FILE PROGRESS loading and UNO Lights are aflashing...wait and see.

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IMO its the M-Audio Uno driver setup - for XPsp3 - for me connecting it to L6 Edit with the Vetta disconnected the manual setup was in: 1x1 Uno (may have been auto) the out defaulted to (MS GS wave....) which I selected 1x1 Uno.


Don't give up but step away for a bit as it is frustrating (I had to do a funky flash sequence on an old Johnson J-Station ~ 15-20 times before it took). I wanted to run over it with the truck.


With the Vetta disconnected: Uninstall all the M-Audio Drivers and then plug it in, pick a different USB port, listen for the duh duh of the USB driver loading (who knows might as well let the generic driver give it a shot). Connect the Vetta: then start L6 Edit and see what comes up detected port wise. Then try it with L6 Monkey 1.19 and select "flash from File". Hopefully, the dialog will take you through it. I had to go in/in and out/out for my Uno to work properly. Maybe the new drivers reversed it. But people have recovered their Vetta from this. Some had to use a different PC as they had driver issues.


Hope you get it working my man.



Edit: look for Vetta II they have approve you btw. Had to snip the addy as being a new guy there IDK the rules for linking to them. Sorry about that.


Great resource to check out. I will be doing the band thing over the next few, starting tonight so I'll check back in when I can.

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OK...I'll turn off everything and wait it out before going at it again.


I was not offered the 1X1...


I thought about uninstalling the UNO software and not using the CD since their site stated that with XP it is driver ready.


The FLASH FROM FILE shows the .VTF in the box (when I select FFF) it also allows you to add/select ALL FILES (if you know what I mean).  That's why I chose that Vetta 2.03 Combo.vtf file to load.


The IN/OUT cables are set up correctly.  ; ' )  I will try another USB outlet.  There are 4-5 open.


My other PC is WIN10, so that won't work...


My wife has FB on her iPad (it was a birthday gift from the kids), maybe she'll let me use it to go to that site?  ; ' )


Later...and thanks for your time.



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