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Gain Questions (Tx and P180)

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Hey guys, I have some Line 6 XD-V70 and V75 units. I had major reception issues when I first bought them. I have gotten them to where they function much better now, but I still feel like they're a bit flaky and drop out occasionally (more than I'd like).


Any tips on getting better performance out of my setup? Indoor/outdoor music events, 32x24 stage or smaller.


Here's the basic setup and what I've done to improve it so far.

- Daisy-chaining two XD-V75 and two XD-V70 units via antenna "loop through", terminated on the last one (XD-V70).

- We have 4 handheld transmitters and 2 body pack transmitters

- I'm using two P180 cardioid paddle antennas on 15-foot cables, usually one upstage left and one downstage left, aimed in an "X" shape at each opposite corner of the stage. 6'-8' high off the stage. Lowest gain setting, labeled " 15' ". I also have two 75-foot cables I have used a couple of times; I have tried the " 50' " and " 100' " antenna gain settings with those.

- Swapped Apple airport express for a 5GHz-only wireless access point and moved it further away from the Line 6 antennas

- I do a channel-scan on the XD-V75 units when I get to a venue, after all of our gear is powered up

- I've switched all mics and receivers from "RF2" to "RF1" mode since ditching the 2.4GHz access point.


I'm still a little confused about gain setting for Tx and antennas. Questions that still remain:

- Should transmitters be on high-power or low-power mode, considering I am using paddle antennas right at the stage perimeter?

- Should I try 3rd-party antennas, or different placement of mine? One on each side of the stage? "Fly" one or both paddles in the PA/lighting truss above the stage?

- Will the Line 6 antenna distro give me better performance than daisy-chaining the antennas on the receivers?

- Should I try different gain settings on the antennas? I'm just using the default settings that are based on the RF loss of the cable, based on my cable length.


Thanks in advance!

Andrew Henderson

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Should I try 3rd-party antennas? NO! Line 6 P180 has active electronics on the antenna,

the system is DC Passive to accommodate this, and so are matched for the system. Don't

try to mix-n-match this with other devices from other companies, this may create impedance

and standing wave issues with the signal.



One on each side of the stage? Yes.


"Fly" one or both paddles in the PA/lighting truss above the stage? No flying antennae, and

especially not in the "... PA/lighting truss above the stage".


A passive 180-degree antenna is by it nature, a half-wave antenna, typically with a gain of 2.

The on-board active electronics on the antenna will add to that. Not certain what the overall gain is.


Too much gain is not good either. It's like a TV signal, too much gain and the color is washed out,

too little gain and the color is washed out, out of phase or multi-path and you get ghost images.

It's the same with wireless mic systems, they all follow the same rules of radio signals.

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NO problem using third party antennas.  There is a white paper posted somewhere on the Line 6 site that shows a bunch of them.  Also we had quite good luck with the RF Venue CP24 helical antenna.  It has about 9 dB of gain and many times will work better than the P180/360 antennas because their line amps will up the noise floor.  So even though you get a little less gain you get a better signal to noise ratio which is more likely to be a gating factor.  

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