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Spider V 120 Editor..... I can't find it.


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Under the 1st tab i select the Spider V 120

Under the 2nd tab i select Line Edit

3rd tab i choose Windows 10.


Click GO and i get this....


At this time, there is no   software available that matches your selection



Im trying to download Tones from CustomTone and i don't know how to get them to the amp.

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Insane decision not to create a pc/Mac compatible app. Somewhere there's a development manager that needs to be fired. Screw the clients , they don't need what we say they don't need.

Many guitar forums are saying the same thing. Some youtube demos have been removed because those retailers said in the video these are Mac Win iOS and Android compatible when they should have said "have Mac Win iOS and Android connectivity via USB, but you can't use the App and stream USB audio at the same time." If you connect to a computer and mobile device even using a USB dual adapter or hub, it doesn't work.They wanted the same mobile features in the app, and or didn't feel like making a editor for Mac or Win. They underestimated their consumers. Marshall did the same thing with their Code line. It was mobile which made sense being Bluetooth ready. Spider V are not BT ready. When I talked to my Sweetwater salesguy he said "take a number for the editor complaint line!"


I asked is it that bad? He said it was currently the biggest reason customers were asking about returns. He was telling customers to hang on to their Spider amps because Line 6 should have a computer editor pretty soon. I don't know if that's true or not. A good sign if that is true. Marshall Code purchasers had a fit there was no computer editors. Somebody over there made one for it faster than I have seen a mfg make an editor before. Works good with my Code 50. The windows editor is really nice. I would have sent it back too if there was no intention of making an editor. I don't like editing from a tiny phone screen and I would not buy a $300 tablet for something that cost about as much. That is what users posted on Marshall forum. Line 6 is starting to see some of that here also. 

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I was all set to order a 240HC whenI read there is NO software editor available!!!! $%^^ that - dont want app crap want an actual program to edit presets etc.  Marshall code had the app on;y and passed on that.  I love my spider iv and was hoping this would be an upgrade  plus the fact they didnt use the pod hd modelling kind of lt me down.  

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I wouldn't let the fact that there isn't a PC editor stop you. I'm using an Ipad, and it works well. You can edit all functions on it. You can edit on the front panel too of course. There are problems with some Android devices, check and see if yours is compatible. That might be a deal breaker.


Honestly, the Spider V is light years improved over the IV. I had a IV. I would never gig or rehearse with it, and sold it quickly. I am very happy with the tones on the V; I'm using it regularly as a alternative to my Helix rig and don't feel like it's a huge downgrade. The amp models are much improved- dynamic and more accurate. I have no problem cutting through the band mix.

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