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  1. I still prefer the FR version. I'm still working out the Classic stuff. I don't think the Classic mode does anything but disable the HF drivers and substitutes the cab model with a more traditional voicing. I'm not sure it impacts the XLR's, but I suppose it would if it is disabling the actual Cab model. The idea behind Classic mode is to get a more classic guitar speaker tone out of the cab. FR tone is more like using a powered speaker used for PA. For me, I like the FR system. That is why I bought this amp. I can make it go more like the amp models I want them to be. If I go Classic mode, that defeats the idea of modeling the cabs I use. Problem with FR is not the FR system, it's the lack of punch and midrange that most guitar speakers have. Using a PEQ block after the Amp and Cab model can bring a lot of that energy back. I'v e used this Spider V for a couple years now on many stages. It just sounds great with a few tweaks. Every sound guy I have had from Hard Rock Cafe, to other casino venues love the idea it can be used direct, and no amplification if IEM's are required. So it fits many situations. For a traditional backline it works great too. I would never use these amps for bass guitars.
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    Just use a boost from a PEQ block. Add about 2-3 db boost in midrange, and another 2 db of the block's level amount. You would need the FBV pedal to engage. I use the SV240, FBV3, and G10T.
  3. Originally there were no computer editors. When many asked for that, the idea was to give them an editor so they can work within their daw host and run the editor at the same time. It made sense given the usb recording option. Custom presets were always available via mobile app. Still are. Customtone was never part of any of these mobile based products. If they added to Spider V, they have to accommodate Firehawk, and Amplifi as well.
  4. Totally agree!! I have had mine at many many shows. It's crazy how many good sound techs come over and say "yeah I had a few of those and I played heck getting them to work" Then they get things going and come up and say WOW Did you change speakers in this or something? I say no, I just work the presets to sound more like what it should. I found similar ho humness in Helix as well. Even with a bunch of Custom Tone presets. I notice all the modeler presets in the Spider etc seem to be designed more around low volume operation. This amp needs to be load, and with that I crank the various levels in post amp PEQ. Great video on Line 6 Spider Peq setup on youtube. I learned a ton from that. Went from giving up on this amp almost 2 years ago, to it being a staple in my stage gear.
  5. Larger cab, 2 speakers vs 1. I balance mine out with post amp PEQ. Just take the Lo Freq Gain down some. I don't mess with the amp model too much
  6. Amp has been real good to me for over almost 2 years of solid gigging. Presets from factory are just rough starting points to show off the amp and fx. Best to start from scratch and of course use the PEQ to boost and shape. I think the amp models were weakened to an extent maybe to limit clipping. Tons of headroom in a Spider V240 to apply PEQ and bring that amp levels up enough to really sing.
  7. Strange power issue maybe. Weird to have two different units do the same thing. Did they work at GC? I'd test them out there.
  8. Start with a Marshall. Like the 900. Use the EQ in post to shape the cab model you pick. Gain kind of lower so the amp model has more punch and not as thin. If you need a drive, put in in front. Touch of Reverb. Assign a wah. That's all I did for Man in a Box. Other modulation fx and delays will be needed for songs like Rooster, Would, and so on. You can do it in one patch if you have the FBV3. Assign to the FX2,3 and 4, switches.
  9. Some tablets require an OTG connector for USB function needed with other devices. Samsung is one of them. Works on my new Note with the OTG adapter.
  10. Originally was designed for Mobile option only. PC and Mac editor came later but as mentioned it is not part of the Custom Tone library, more for local files which is what users requested.
  11. I've used Asus TF300, a best buy cheapie 10" from Digiland. They work fine. Android 4.1 and up. The Digiland was 4.5 and it worked. Paid $79 for it. Another our kb player uses was $69 on Amazon. Ziuyan or something. Works on the Spider Mobile App.
  12. Clean and Distortion sounds I like to contain in one preset. I just pick an amp, set to lower gain, control some volume from guitar too. I add a boost drive to overdrive the amp for the more gain needed. NOt too much though or you think it out badly. Use the EQ post amp and you can also boost gains there just by increasing the gains of each PEQ band. Add 4-5 db to each. Now your amp roars when you use that with the more gain in the preset.That also helps when you change volume on your guitar knob, then you still have plenty of signal for both clean and dirty.
  13. I think what he means is create a Folder you can call Setlist. Put the most used presets it that folder and organize them for your needs. I use the last Bank of Presets as a blank scratch pad of sorts. All those presets have the loaded effects, eq, defined, but have no amp models. Kind of a template. All you do then is load up amp and cab models in the template. Dial it in as needed, then save to mobile APP, Computer Editor, the Spider V amp, or any or all preset storing options.
  14. Not at this time. Best you can do is use the units own editors, copy the screenshots, and set the Spider V so the settings are similar. That can ballpark you for effects settings, but most amp and cab settings will be different. Those amp model designs are not directly compatible, but the settings used can get you close.
  15. In Line 6's defense, they never intended the app for PC and Mac. It was all mobile based like Firehawk and Amplifi. After they received many requests at Ideascale for a PC/Mac editor that would provide a better way of using the amp when recording in other DAW products for computers, they created the app as it is. This app also allowed users to create and store their own preset files. In none of those requests was to make app apply to Customtone. Line 6 never had an area at Customtone for Spider V, but created the servers for MyTones, and an area to share tones via mobile app. They have seen requests for the Customtone area, but really it is better to make those requests at Ideascale.. then be patient. The same people creating the apps and software are doing so for many different products, and some with much wider bases of users in the community. Mobile app issues are more often resolved when using an OTG connector. I never had much luck with the Virtual Android app for PC either. Andy kind of worked, but was more of a hassle. The Line 6 Spider V app for PC and Mac works as it should, as was requested. Perhaps we'll see something for Customtone soon. I'd start with Ideascale though.
  16. Learn to use EQ post amp. Same rule for any modeler in my experience. You are probably used to guitar speakers which peak midrange. Full range speakers are different. This amp is very similar to a modeler like a Helix or POD etc into a full range powered speaker. This is a good demo video of post eq with the Spider V
  17. Tuner stability is improved on most any digital tuners when guitar pickup selector is in the neck position.
  18. No, but what I do is have a template preset of my effects. For that I just switch the amps and cabs around as I need. I store 4 basic templates in my last patch bank. Easier to do with the PC and Mac editors too, but I like to keep a bank of templates on the amp itself.
  19. Yes, when you connect the FBV has to update. Just rock the Expression pedal back and forth and it will unmute.
  20. I also have a Note 8. It works fine with the app and the included OTG connector. Some users report the use of a different OTG (on the go) connector and that fixes problems with other Samsung phones as well.
  21. Most Line 6 Controllers will work with Spider V units. See links to other controllers too. Most list compatibility w Spider V Musicians Friend has a great price on FBV3.
  22. It would also be strange trying to emulate the closed back cabs in the models using an open back design.
  23. yeah I saw that... their spec says 70 RMS. Close enough B)
  24. 300RFL06-9 If that is the spec sheet then that's not a bad speaker for modeling amp. I would have to see this get a 101db Sensitivity rating measured across bands to believe that spec. You get those ratings in much more high end speakers, not these. How they acquire that measurement is another thing often debated in audio land. The wattage is measured in RMS according to their spec so 70W RMS (music power or peak would be about 100W). Wattage is more in what the speaker can handle. Loudness is more based on SPL or efficiency of the speakers. I would not get too upset that are not $175 speakers in a $500 amp with all the bells and whistles of the 240. Pretty sure these speakers are full range or maybe PA grade speakers. They don't have a widely extended midrange bump like guitar speakers do. That's why they also don't color the amp models and cab models and work more like a modeler with powered monitors used in PA's. If you used guitar speakers in this, you would "color" and or even limit the amp modeling with the freq response of whatever type guitar speaker you wanted to use. Speaker impedance is more directly related to power. Use a higher impedance speaker and you can lower the output. Some full range speakers with high efficiency (sensitivity) ratings may perform quite well or even be louder. Speakers like Eminence Beta 12CX have a good LF response, great upper mid band of 4.8Khz which is very close to guitar speaker spec. These are used as replacements in many wedge monitors or powered speakers. If my Spider V speakers blew I'd replace them with a Beta 12CX. Even though they are 8 ohms, I think what loss in power (if any was noticeable) would be made up in efficiency of the Eminence speaker. Another good choice would be Beta 12LTA. I have used those with a 212 cab, solid state rack power amp for my POD HD500x. It sounded just fine. That speaker is a coaxial with range as high as 9Khz so it would be fine even for the drum machines. Not quite as extended as having a tweeter with it, but that can also be good since it cuts back any hissing of pizeo speakers. Those are the two I would try if I wanted to maintain the amp and cab modeling in the Spider V 120 or 240. The power ratings on those are even higher, but in terms of magnet size they are not much different that the Line 6 factory speakers. Magnet size is not really a big deal in guitar speakers. Look for efficient speaker with a broader bandwidth closer to that of guitar speakers. If you wanted a semi open cab option you could just cut the size out from the lower half of the back cover. Add wood bracing around the cutout area if you decided to use it closed back. The bass response would probably be reduced. I'd wait till it was out of warranty though.
  25. Probably not. I can imagine it would be easy to post a folder of files on any Google Drive or similar acct setup for it. The files are small. Thing is, more people are asking for a Custom Tone area for the Spider V line that works just like the mobile apps. Even the basic CT areas are not set up like that.
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