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  1. Waited long enough, selling all my line 6 gear. Gone back to traditional amp and pedals - no regrets.
  2. Very disappointed at lack of response from Line 6 on this. It was part of the advertised features for the product (but then removed when I pointed it out as part of a when I raised it as a bug). Seems they have moved on to focus on newer products rather than address valid issues from customer whose money they already have received.
  3. It should not require votes, it was part of the features described on the Line 6 page for the product until around Feb 2018. Is there any update on delivery for this ?
  4. I had the embarrassing situation of inadvertently triggering the loop feature during a gig. Is it possible to disable this feature through configuration as having the function button next to the down bank button is too easy to hit by accident.
  5. Agree, especially as it was clearly stated as a function available on the official Line 6 page for the Spider.
  6. Disappointing, I had the impression from the blurb that tones were transferrable. Extra disappointing as I find today I have no access to Custom Tones as I am a PC user and not a mobile phone user (despite the wording in the Spider V indicating the opposite)
  7. I have an XT Live with a bunch of custom tones that I would like to load into my Spider V amp , is this possible and if so how?
  8. Many thanks for the detailed answer - much appreciated. I can buy with confidence now !
  9. I am wanting to upgrade my Pod XT Live and was initially looking at going for an HD500x, but the option of replacing the effects and Amp (Tech 21 Power Engine) with a Spider V 120 plus FBV 3 Shortboard came up. Will this give me the same functionality / range of amp and effects as an HD500x + amp ? I use this for gigging primarily so being both light and robust as well as sounding great are the key criteria. Also its really important to be able to easily select different stored patches (I really like the POD XT Live interface for this and am hoping the FBV would provide similar)
  10. I have windows 10 which line 6 Edit download doesnt appear to be available for, I downloaded windows 7 version, but its sticks at prompt select from a device listed below with no devices listed.
  11. I have a POD XT Live which I use for gigs and want to be able to easily change the positions of the different settings (to match the set list order which changes). I understand from the manual that I can backup to a PC, but when I connect with USB, PC does not see the device. Is there some special software I need on the PC ? Mike
  12. I use POD XT Live for gigs (in pubs) , I connect the left and right jack outputs to mixer desk (15ft cables) and the headphone output to my Fender Stage 100 amp effect loop input. This gives me my guitar sound behind me from the amp (generally central on stage) and some width from the PA (great for ping pong delay etc). Is this the best configuration I can get from this equipment ? Any tips appreciated brgds, Mike
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