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  1. So can you not get the user-made could tones from the PC remote??? This doesn't make any sense, if you can get them from an app, why not from an actual computer??? If I am missing where you can, could someone please point this out? Thanks.
  2. My Kyocera Hydro view will not register with the Spider V. I am using a printer cable and otg adapter, why won't it work???
  3. Thank you. I have contacted the service center in Lee's Summit, MO to see if it is under warranty.
  4. The guitar does have the battery in it and when I press the charge indicator, it shows full, all four lights come on. I am not already a Variax owner.
  5. Well, I took the knob completely off and pressed down on the shaft itself, still nothing.
  6. Hey guys, I know of a JTV-59 for sale at my local Guitar Center. It has been there a long time and won't sell because the modeling feature is broken. I have already tried pulling up on the knob and this is NOT the problem. It must be a lemon. Should a warranty cover the fix? If not, what would it cost to have it fixed?
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