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  1. Has anyone tried a Amazon Fire HD?
  2. banjogil

    No cloud tones on PC remote??

    So can you not get the user-made could tones from the PC remote??? This doesn't make any sense, if you can get them from an app, why not from an actual computer??? If I am missing where you can, could someone please point this out? Thanks.
  3. banjogil

    Kyocera WON'T work with app.. Help

    My Kyocera Hydro view will not register with the Spider V. I am using a printer cable and otg adapter, why won't it work???
  4. banjogil

    Cost of Repair?

    Thank you. I have contacted the service center in Lee's Summit, MO to see if it is under warranty.
  5. banjogil

    Cost of Repair?

    The guitar does have the battery in it and when I press the charge indicator, it shows full, all four lights come on. I am not already a Variax owner.
  6. banjogil

    Cost of Repair?

    Well, I took the knob completely off and pressed down on the shaft itself, still nothing.
  7. Hey guys, I know of a JTV-59 for sale at my local Guitar Center. It has been there a long time and won't sell because the modeling feature is broken. I have already tried pulling up on the knob and this is NOT the problem. It must be a lemon. Should a warranty cover the fix? If not, what would it cost to have it fixed?