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Sending Diffrent Mix via USB to Headphones


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There are two Global setting (Ins/Outs section) where you can specify the outputs (1/4", XLR, etc.) that are sent to the headphones as well as the Volume knob controls. You can design your preset with different Output blocks with different settings (1/4", XLR, etc.) at the end of appropriate signal flow to obtain a headphones mix that is different from your 'main' mix and control it with the Volume knob.


For instance, you could set your main mix Output block to XLR, and your Headphones-targetted Output block (at the end of another signal path) to 1/4". You would place your desired DSP blocks, FX Loop blocks, and path split/merge blocks in the two paths to create the difference between your main and headphone mixes. Then set the Global settings for both Volume Knob Controls and Headphones Monitor to 1/4". 

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