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  1. Hey there, Use the 1/4" out to the power monitor. Set the output block to 1/4" out. Use the XLR to the Studio Monitors. USB 1/2 automatically sends to the XLR outputs. I have been running it like this live for a while now. USB 1/2 for my samples, soft synths and drones and then 1/4" out straight to my Powered FRFR for backline. Hope this helps! 😊
  2. Quick one.....are you running the soft synths through the Helix & then too the mixer? Or are you running the soft synths separately via the Macbook?
  3. Hi Sam, The only thing that you still have to do is draw in the corresponding velocity into the program change. The snapshots works from Value 0 - 7 ( Snapshot 1-8 on Helix Hardware). You will see once you created a midi clip in logic & changed it to Program change, a extra window pops up under the piano roll. It will have numbers on the side ranging from 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120. You just take the pencil tool & click anywhere & you will see a pink line appear with a number. From there you just draw on the timeline where you want the snapshots too change. (0 - 7 as mentioned above). Feel free to message me if you have any further problems. Hope this helps!!!
  4. Anyone here had expiernece with the Alto TX10 by any chance? Just curious......
  5. Merry X-mas guys!! Hope you all have a killer day!!!
  6. What do you want to do with Abelton? Will you be running samples? Do you want to loop? I am currently running a Novation Launchpad & Ableton Push with 2 x iPad's controlling Ableton wirelessly. I do however feel that the XL will be a better choice if you want a "all in one" style controller, but with that said you can do some pretty rad stuff with the Launchpad as well. Regarding issues with Ableton & the Helix....I have not once in the past year had ANY issues running the two together. I am running a Macbook Pro, i7 with 16gb of the system is pretty stable & I have enough under the hood to help with the processing of samples, loops, automation, etc... But with that said, it all depends on what you want to do & the spec of your machine. If you can tell me what you are aiming to do, I will be able to tell you if it is possible or not. Regarding the mapping of the editor & Launchpad.....It is not natively possible. I don't know if there are 3rd party programs that will help with that. Why would you want to control the editor with the Launchpad if I may ask? Sorry for all the questions.....just trying to see what your train of thought is! :)
  7. You guys crack me up!! :D One thing you must know about me....I will NEVER put my self in a position where I will let my fellow musicians down regarding unstable gear/rig (I feel that will be super selfish). I do however believe in Line 6 as a company, I have been using there gear since 2003 & played many hours on there hardware & software. I have never had any piece of gear fail me live or in studio (that includes some heavy cover band touring). So far above mention has all been achieved, I am just running tests regarding the IEM at the moment. I have slimmed down the complexity of the rig after the original post & so good!! I understand that there is a lot riding on one piece of gear, but I believe the Helix has got what it takes to pull it all off....I haven't even stated in here that my whole setlist is automated via usb (Ableton sending info to helix), I change synth patches via Helix midi CC, etc.... I have rehearsed with this setup in "live" style environment & had it running for hours at end without any drop out or I am pretty confident in the stability of the Helix. (been testing this since Feb this year on a weekly basis, 6 - 8 hours at a time) The only thing that I was questioning was the FX Returns performing as a direct matrix style routing system. The only thing that I had to change is the actually Helix preset & how I use the DSP. This is 2016....and technology has come a long way!!! I have achieved some mind blowing stuff with the Helix & super stoked that I am living in this time & age!! Hahahahaha!!! Maybe I will be the next YouTube sensation..... ;) I couldn't agree more, the way that I have been writing & performing my music would not be possible without the Helix. It is the brain of my rig & is doing one hell of a job executing it. In all my years of being a musician, I have never had so much fun writing or performing...... As little as 3 years back, I would not in my wildest dreams thought that all of this would be possible in a single piece of gear! I am planning on making some videos regarding my rig & how I use the Helix with my upcoming project. I will post a link here as soon as I get it done! Once again, thank you all for your time & input, always awesome hearing what people think!
  8. Hey Guys, sorry for the super late*t storm at the office due to season. Thank you both very much for your time & all the advice. I will sit down the next couple of days & reprogram my patch & let you know regarding the progress. You both are champs! Thank you once again!
  9. Hey there, glad I could help!! I have been working on it, but not released as yet. Just been super busy with my day job....i will however let you know as soon as i am done. Should have it up early in Jan! By overdubbing do you mean looping?? Let me know in detail what you are trying to achieve & i can see if i can help you out!
  10. Hey Peter, Thanks again for taking the time to reply, always appreciate input! I understand where you are coming from & I do understand a lot is riding on one single piece of gear. Like I said, with my guitar & synth setup I am pretty happy with....I have tested it since I got my Helix in January this year. (The main reason I bought the unit ) Just wanted to know if it would be possible to run things as mentioned above. I will have to look into this before attempting anything.(You made me very skeptical) Will contact customer support & hear what they have to say regarding this. Theoretically, all of this is possible if you take into account what the Helix is, but from a practical point of view, I would not take the risk if it is going to be unstable.
  11. Hi Peter, thanks for the input. If I may ask....why would you say that? Most of the routing & heavy lifting gets done by my Mac & Ableton. I have tested the guitar, loop & synth setup for the past year & is very stable at rehearsal & recording sessions. The big thing for me is the IEM routing via the Send & Returns, just wanted to know if it was possible. There is no extra processing happening from the device, only routing from Ableton to the different destinations. Appreciate your input!!!
  12. Hey Guys, This has most likely been covered....but I would like to pick your brains regarding some routing with the Helix. I use the Helix as my main device for my guitar signal & I also play synth via Ableton (Samples. Piano, Looping,etc.) So far I have a lot of success doing this in studio, BUT my band will start to gig next year....So I need to find out if the following routing is possible. 1) All Samples, Synth & Looping via XLR outs to front of house 2)1/4 inch outs from Helix running guitar signal to Active Speakers in our back line 3) Returns 1/4 running IEM signal from USB 3/4 & 5/6 from Abelton (Two different Mixes for Vocals & Guitars ) 4) Sending a Signal from Ableton USB 7/8 split 1) for bass channel to FOH & Click to Drummer) via Returns 5) Running 2 Channels from outboard mixer into 2 Sends for Ableton input In Ableton I am running a monitor mix for everyone. I will be getting the vocals, guitar signal & drum mix from a external mixer. I will have my own channel for the guitars & vocals in Ableton.The idea is to have a Main mix (Samples, Guitars Vocals) in Ableton that goes out to front of house, a separate Bass Track to FOH & then have two different monitor mixes running out via USB to the Return outs via the Helix. My patches are DSP heavy so I can't make separate signal paths on the Helix. Will Ableton/DAW be able to route everything as mentioned above? As always, I appreciate your time & advice!! Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi All, Quick any of you know if it is possible to send a separate mix (Click for example) via USB to the headphone output & control it via the dedicated volume knob? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi Alex, I am pretty sure you will be able to do this. I will just have to sit down & mess around for you. The Effects side triggering (Stop, Bridge, Forward etc) will be possible with the Command Center. You will just map a CC to the corresponding effect you want to trigger in Ableton & map it accordingly. I will try to get a gap today, alternatively I will sit down on Monday (Off Day =D) & puzzle it out for you. The preset thing will most likely run with a dummy clip in Ableton Mapped to different scenes. As soon as I get it right I will send you a message!
  15. Hey Robert, I can defiantly try :) First off I need some answers from you: a) PC or Mac? b Version of Ableton & 32bit or 64bit c) Processor & Ram I take that you are running the Helix as your input & output device in Ableton? If so what is the overall latency you are getting in milliseconds? I get about 25.5ms if I select the Helix. I do however use the Helix to run my samples, soft synth & my guitar. I don't have a guitar track in Ableton only a looper track that grabs audio from Helix USB 1&2 & loops it. I haven't had any issues regarding latency as yet & I am doing a lot of processing at the moment. If you can tell me more of what you are doing & how you are running the Helix in Ableton it will help a lot. Let me know so we can try & sort this out for you!!!
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