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My Spider Jam resets all the time


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I enjoy a Spider Jam Amp for years. During the last weeks it behaves like power supply disconnect and reconnect and every time the issue is getting worse and worse.

The amp resets for no reason apparently.

I have factory reset the amp, formatted the SDCard, tried everything.


A power supply issue perhaps?


I am in Argentina so if you can please indicate what to do with it.


Thanks and regards,

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Che, ¿probaste a instalarle un firmware más bajo que el que tiene? En algún lado encontré que alguien habí­a resuelto un tema similar así­: instaló el firmware más bajo que encontró en la página de Line 6 y luego fue upgradeando hasta llegar a la última versión. Te recomiendo que vayas probando las distintas versiones del firmware antes de pasar a la siguiente. Un abrazo desde Chile.

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Mine did the same thing. I turned it on (No Guitar plugged into it) and left it on for a whole day. It went on and off a few times (20) or so and then it just stayed on. No more problems. Don't know what it was causing the problem but it doesn't happen a more. Over a month and no problems.

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