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Can FS5-8 be made to recall presets?


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Another question from me about a feature that is not addressed in the manuals and probably means "not possible".  Is there a way to make footswitches 5-8 to recall presets like FS1-4 does in ABCD mode?  I know some versions of the FBV pedals could do this setup. 


I'm migrating from a Behringer FCB1010 where I setup my presets in banks of 10 so that I could easily switch between solo and rhythm guitar presets. With only banks of 4 presets I would have to switch banks which means more foot work, throwing off my timing.  I know I could setup FS5-8 to toggle into solo modes, but my solo modes are not only altering volume parameters and I'd have to toggle more than one foot switch to emulate my setup on the FCB1010.


Maybe the solution is to assign multiple effects to a single foot switch?  For example, if going into solo mode means increasing volume and drive, and adding delay, I guess I could assign those 3 effects to a single foot switch?

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You can assign mutliple fx to one FS - but they can only be used to toggle on/off.  So you can use one FS to toggle on several fx or to toggle them all off - or toggle some on and some off - depending on the starting position of the fx.


If you want to change parameters within an fx that is already on then it is best to assign that parameter change to the expression pedal - you can assign many parameters to the expression pedal allowing you to move from one parameter value in heel down position to another in the toe down position and any position in between. 


So in your example, you can assign the VOLUME, DRIVE and DELAY mix to the expression pedal - with heel down as your normal rhythm playing settings and toe down moving to the solo values for each of those parameters.  


I can't remember exactly the maximum number of parameters you can assign to be controlled by the expression pedal but I think it is way more than enough. 

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