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Amplifi TT for Re-Amping? And can Ampl.75 sounds be loaded?

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Hi there,

I'm thinking about purchasing an amplifi tt and I've got two questions.


1) I've understood it can be used as an audio interface via usb. But can it be used for Re-Amping as well? That is, can I set my guitar track output in Cubase (i.e. does amplifi provide such an output) and set another track's input to "Amplifi TT"?


2) As I already own an amplifi 75 for which I have created quite a few sounds that suit my taste, can these sounds be loaded to the TT Model as well? Are the sound patches of the two models compatible?


Thanks in advance! :)

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You cannot re-amp with the TT.

You might consider a POD Studio UX1 or UX2.


AMPLFi Tones are interchangeable with the entire AMPLIFi series. 

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