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DT25 position I Blackface headroom issue ...

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Got a deal (steal) on a like new DT25 head for $199.  I'm running it thru an Avater 2x12 bass cab for the time being, and I really like the amp so far.  I really like position IV for the lead tones and position II for crunch.  My only issue is one I've read other places ... the lack of headroom in position I.  If the break-up was more musical, like a cranked Peavey Classic 20, I wouldn't mind it at all.  I'd just roll the volume pot on the guitar down to clean it up.  But mine makes more like a CLANK sound when it starts to clip.  Doesn't sound anything like a dimed out old Deluxe or Champ.  Sounds more like a bad SS amp dimed.  No bueno.


So ...


Anyone tried a different tube set for more headroom in the Blackface model?  Or are the tubes completely bypassed in the pre-amp modelling.  Any ideas?


I play a lot of clean blues, country, and Stray Cats type stuff.  Gotta have good cleans to go with the gorgeous cranked tones.

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Great steal on the DT25 HD, that's what I have but it was a lot more $$$.  You have to be careful with tubes.  This is a hybrid amp and very finicky.  You can't swap tubes for other than the factory installed matched EH tubes or you will have problems, possibly a fried motherboard.  The tubes aren't an issue really.  BTW the tubes are never bypassed.  The preamp is strictly digital but the power section is strictly analog.  If you use the LVM switch, the preamp section uses the full amp model instead of the preamp model to give better tone at low volumes.  Personally I never use it.


You really need to get a good USB to midi connector like the M-Audio Uno and make sure you have the latest firmware installed.  If it was used, I would also recommend a factory reset to ensure any previous user changes are discarded.  Next get one of the free editors like DT Edit and inspect what amp/cab models are loaded in each of the 8 voicings.  The latest firmware lets you choose from 20+ different amps, cabs and mics as well as the 12 different reverbs.  You can really dial it in the way you want it.  You still only have 2 at a time (channel A and B) but you have a lot more to choose from.  You could have a Blackface on Channel A and a DrZ on Channel B and with the knobs set each one up the way you want them.


The DT really shines with a HD500 as a controller.  It also allows you to save all your settings for recall when ever you want them and you don't need to reprogram the DT.  Something to consider and they are pretty reasonable second hand.





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