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Pod Studio Gx No Input Signal

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My pod studio gx seems to have no input signal. It won't trip the signal meters in pod farm. I have tested everything up to the gx and run all updates through Monkey. This is the second GX I have had do this to me. Is it me or the product?

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I'm having a similar problem. I have POD Farm installed on two computers and a last month my GX stopped working on both - there was no input signal registering at all. Somehow, one of the computers now picks up the signal and I have been able to record using the GX but it still won't work on the other computer. I tried installing Farm 2 and it didn't work. I uninstalled everything and re-installed POD Farm 2 and still nothing. My drivers have been updated but I cannot pick up any sound. The LED on the interface is Green so the unit is working so I'm thoroughly confused. Any help would be appreciated.


Both computers are running Windows 7.

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