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G10 XLR Out to HELIX XLR Mic In?


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Now that the G10 has been out for well over 6 months, has anyone used their G10 Receiver Base's XLR Out to connect (an additional guitar) to their Helix via the Helix's XLR Mic Input? Of course, Helix's Global Settings > I/O > 48V Phantom Power must be "OFF"!


The G10's XLR Out is (most) likely Line Level. Line 6 does not provide their specs. I have not measured the XLR Output's signal level.


The Helix Mic In XLR is set up for Mic Level. Line 6 does not provide their specs. I'm guessing the input expects -60db to -40db. With the Helix Global Settings > I/O > Mic Gain set to 0dB.


I have not used any Mic's nor the Mic Input Block with my Helix. And I have not yet looked to see if the Mic parameters allow significant Input Level attenuation. A Gain Block and Compressor Block may be able to attenuate their output levels, but may be useless if the Mic Input Block is overloaded or clipping.


[Note: This post has also been made in the Helix Forum to get in seen by those who may not only view the Relay Forum.]

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It works!


Without measuring the signal levels, the G10's XLR out worked fine into the Helix XLR Mic Input without overdriving nor distorting the Helix's input. I used a Strat with Vintage Noisless Fender Pickups and Les Paul with ProBucker Pickups.


I also connected the G10's XLR to the Helix's FX Return and compared that to the signal from the G10's 1/4" Out connected to the Helix's Main Guitar In.


The G10's XLR signal out sounds a bit different (more top end) due to the XLR Out not having a 10' CableTone capacitance as does the G10's 1/4" Out signal.


The best (fullest, richest, most dynamic) sound was from using the Helix's Main Guitar In and the Helix's FX Return. Nonetheless, the G10's XLR out could be used without concern via the Helix's Mic In XLR.

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