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Source code or interface for the Remote App?


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Is there any chance that you folks would consider either publishing the USB interface that the Spider V uses for the Remote Apps or open sourcing the iOS or Android apps? 


I would really like to control my new Spider V 240 from my PC, and I'd be happy to write the code to do it.  I just need to know the interface to the amp.  If you shared the code for the iOS or Android versions of the remote app, I could figure it out.  Alternately, if you published the interface that the amp uses, I could write it from there. 


I voted up the two "please make a PC version" ideas on ideascale, but I know that you have scarce developent resources.  You're faced with a choice between devoting those resources toward making your amps better or making PC versions of your software.  And, if I were faced with that same choice, I'd probably choose to focus on the amps, not the software.  But if you let the community help, you don't really ​need ​to make the choice.  We can help you with the PC software while you focus on making awesome products. 



Mike Calligaro

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I'd be interested in any MIDI CC# codes that the amp might respond to. that's what a bunch of Marshall CODE enthusiasts used to make their own PC editors like the one in the pic below.




It would also be helpful for anyone who has a midi footswitch/pedalboard or other controller kicking around. I use a wireless headtracker as an expression pedal with Wah in Amplitube. Would be cool to be able to do something similar with the Spider V.

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Funny that voting for a Win Mac editor is low when just about every forum, retailer review has posts NEEDS PC EDITORS

I think people go wha???  now I have to register at another site, locate the topic, then vote? As if the frustration wasn't enough fussing with mobile apps.

There was another poster that requested the API so he could develop a pc app. I didn't see any response. Looking at Ideascale and posts from Firehawk users for PC apps since its release, I doubt we'll see one for Spider V. I have friends that work at GC, and they have exchanged many of these units for other products because the customer was sold an item they thought had pc apps for mac and windows. Must not be enough of a concern. 

Some guys at other forums are rooting android tablets and creating workarounds. After seeing the data files for presets are one big file instead of individual ones they kind of retreated from the idea saying they'd have to recode most of the app and there are too many implications in doing so. Others have said they'll still see how creative they can get. 

Speaking of the Code editor above, Marshall users flamed Marshall for that and sales declined. If that same thing affects Line 6 it may be a motivational factor. Firehawk was one product, Spider V is 4 product levels, plus all those accessories they could sell in FBV and G10T's. 

I think Spider V is a great product line, but lack of computer editors isn't helping it and has become a "what else is out there that does have pc editors" option for customers. 

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