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Anyone tell me what this white gunk inside my 150 is please

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I need to replace the IEC socket on the back of my Amplifi 150 as it's broken. I removed the plate at the back. Can anyone tell me what the white gunk that is holding the IEC socket in even when the screws are removed.

Replacing It looks straitforward it's just two spade connectors and a soldered ground lead. It's only this gunk I'm not familure with. It looks like glue and it's all around the socket. It's also around the switch above it. I don't know if it's sticking them in for added security or if it's sealing around them but the plate is only six screws and didn't seem particularly sealed.

I pressed a reclining chair against the amp accidentally forgetting it was behind it and it cracked a line in the plastic at the front and the IEC plug pressing against the wall broke the surround of the plastic socket. Amp works perfect it's just cosmetic but I want to get the socket fixed. I've already got a new socket but I don't like to start something when there is an unknown factor as is the mysterious white substance.

Any help would be appreciated as I need to get this fixed.

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First off, what is an IEC connector?  I've got a place to plug in a network cable, and a headphone jack, on the back of my amp.  I thought the power cord was hard connected, but maybe not, haven't moved it in a while.  Anyways...


Potting compound, to guard against vibration?   Is if soft, or hardened?  I mean, can you wipe it off with your hands, or is it solidified so you can't.  How about a link to a picture.   If it's soft, sounds like heatsink compound for thermal dispersion, but that would seem funny.  Maybe it's a moisture barrier....

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Thanks for the reply I really appreciate it. Reading the start of it I just realised that our amps will differ in the power cable. I have the UK 240 power supply with a 3 pin socket live, neutral and earth. It's the same socket found on our kettles for boiling water and so the name most commonly used in the uk for the amps power cord is a "Kettle plug" however the correct tem is an IEC lead and socket. Sorry for all the confusion.

The white substance is set hard like glue. I don't know how to get a picture here or I would sorry.

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